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What is a Structure Plan?

A Structure Plan is a study that looks at an area and develops a policy framework to guide future development within that area.  It is not a rezoning document. It is a strategic document, which identifies by words and graphics, the best way for an area to be developed, how this should be done and what infrastructure would be required. It is intended to form a clear basis to guide future land use planning decisions, including rezoning of land.

Why is Council preparing a Structure Plan for Brookvale?

The State Government’s most recent Metropolitan Plan titled ‘A Plan for Growing Sydney (2014)’, identifies Brookvale - Dee Why as a Strategic Centre for the region.  Brookvale - Dee Why, as well as Frenchs Forest are the only Strategic Centres identified by the State Government on the Northern Beaches. 

Council needs to plan for the future growth of these Strategic Centres. A Structure Plan is currently being prepared for the precinct surrounding the new Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest and a Master Plan was adopted for the Dee Why Town Centre in August 2013.  Council is now starting to plan for the future of Brookvale, taking into account the already identified role of the Dee Why Town Centre.

The Structure Plan for Brookvale will guide future development of the area.  It will identify the most appropriate future land-use mix, taking into account future growth needs for Warringah (both jobs and housing) and environmental, social, economic, traffic, transport and accessibility issues.  

What opportunities are there to be involved?

Community input for the project commenced in October 2015 with a stall at the Brookvale Show.

There will be a number of other opportunities to be involved throughout the project. The next one will be Community Drop-in sessions to be held in November 2015.

To make sure you do not miss any opportunity to be involved, register your email to receive project updates. Also, keep an eye on this project page as information will be updated throughout the project.

What has the community recently said about Brookvale as a thriving commercial area?

Recently, Brookvale as a centre for thriving commercial business has been discussed in recent news articles. 

See articles on 12 February and 24 February 2015.

How have the Investigation Area and Area of Influence been determined?

The Investigation Area is largely consistent with the suburb boundary of Brookvale. Some adjustments have been made to reflect possible implications of local transport routes and other infrastructure.  The long term objectives of a Strategic Centre at Brookvale – Dee Why will be tested in this area.  These investigations will inform the final boundaries for the Brookvale Structure Plan, which may be different from the current Investigation Area.

To take into account the wider setting for Brookvale, an Area of Influence is also being considered beyond the Investigation Area..  This has been determined as a 1.5 km radius from the existing traditional retail core of Brookvale, located on Pittwater Road.  This represents a general catchment zone which is approximately a 20 minute walk from the centre of the area and the major public transport corridor

Will the plan make changes to my land?

The Structure Plan will not rezone any land. It will make recommendations for possible changes to land uses, but the rezoning process will be a separate process after the Structure Plan has been prepared and adopted.

Will this bring new/ increased employment opportunities?

Council recognises the strategic importance of Brookvale’s industrial and commercial lands, in particular its importance in providing local jobs.  Warringah has a jobs retention rate that is higher than the Sydney average.  Having regard to the LGA’s limited transport options, it is important that into the future, this resource is retained and enhanced.  

Will this bring new/ increased housing opportunities?

The NSW Government’s metropolitan planning recognises that Brookvale offers jobs and services for the Northern Beaches and the wider subregion.  Hence opportunities for growth in housing should be limited to those that do not displace employment land.  Any new housing opportunities should not result in future conflicts between the desire for residential amenity and the operational needs of viable industry and business uses. 

Transport network capacity, including optimising access to the proposed Bus Rapid Transport (BRT), will play a role in determining whether additional housing should be accommodated, where this should be located and what form this should take. 

What about transport?

The capacity for growth within the transport and access network, taking into account future plans for a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system on Pittwater Road, will be assessed as a fundamental component of the Structure Plan investigations. 

To improve the functionality of the Brookvale – Dee Why strategic centre, pedestrian and cycle connectivity between these two suburbs will also be a major consideration.

What are the timeframes and when will the Plan be finished?

Initial community engagement will occur during October and November 2015.

A Draft Structure Plan will then be prepared and reported to Council in early 2016.

Once Council has adopted a Draft Structure Plan, the document will be placed on public exhibition and submissions from the community will be invited.

Once submissions have been assessed and a final Structure Plan prepared, it will be reported to Council for final adoption in mid-late 2016.