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Phase 1: Streetscape Upgrades

What are the changes proposed?

The Dee Why Town Centre Streetscape upgrades propose new pavements, more trees and plants, new furniture and upgraded drainage and lighting. We will also include functional and interesting public art to reflect our community and the diverse culture of Dee Why.

Where and when are the changes proposed?

The Phase 1 Streetscape Upgrades include works to the roads and pavements shown in red in the attached flyer, including Oaks and Howard Avenues.

In Pittwater Road, Council will be working closely with the State Government to provide new footpaths and facilities for the B-Line and other bus services. A new link road is also proposed, as part of the redevelopment of Council’s Oaks and Howard Avenue Car Park. The redevelopment of this site is currently on hold. 

Other Phase 1 upgrade works include construction of the Walter Gors Park, scheduled for completion in early 2017 and Stage 1 of Redman Road Plaza due to start in March 2017. With community support, we propose to implement the Phase 1 streetscape upgrades from late 2017 to 2019.  

What community consultation has previously occurred?

These plans are a response to extensive community consultation about the Dee Why Town Centre Master Plan 2013, and we’re inviting your feedback on this next stage of the process.

Separate community engagement was previously undertaken for Walter Gors Park and Redman Road Plaza. 

Are there any changes proposed to street trees?

The Phase 1 Streetscape Upgrades propose new trees and garden beds, and will result in approximately 33 more trees than at present.

The proposed upgrades will require the removal and replacement of all but a few existing trees, the roots of which have displaced roads and footpaths, and created trip hazards and safety issues in the Town Centre. We understand the importance of trees which is why all new trees will be at least four metres high at planting.

We aim to provide a greener and safer Town Centre for future generations. 

What are we doing to address traffic concerns?

Extensive traffic modelling has recommended the retention of the existing two-way system in lieu of the one-way traffic scheme adopted with the Master Plan.

A two-way traffic network was found to offer better accessibility, route choice, reduced travel times, reduced stops and reduced congestion, while both schemes had very similar travel speeds. Modelling has also identified a number of changes to improve traffic conditions which we propose to implement as part of these upgrades.

This includes a reduction in the vehicle speed limit from 60 to 40 kilometres per hour to improve pedestrian safety.

What are we doing to address pedestrian accessibility?

Further opportunities for safe pedestrian movement will be created by providing new footpath paving free of trip hazards, additional pedestrian crossings and future connections such as the new Link Road and the arcade through the Meriton development site.

What are we doing for bikes?

Bikes will be able to travel safely through new north south connections and bike parking will be provided at key locations.

We are proposing to retain on-street parking in the town centre rather than provide segregated on-road bike paths as suggested in the Master Plan and in the Warringah Bike Plan 2010. This is because Oaks and Howard Avenue are too narrow to accommodate segregated bike paths without losing parking on one side of the street.

Initial feedback from focus groups has indicated that parking is preferred over segregated bike paths. We are now seeking your feedback as to whether you agree.

Redman Road Plaza

What if I have a business?

It’s important that you plan ahead and keep your business resilient during construction.

For tips and contacts, download our Guide for Businesses. 

We will be visiting businesses over the next few months to discuss the upcoming works. Alternatively you can book an appointment.

What are we doing to address parking issues?

The PCYC and Meriton developments will provide a minimum 85% increase in parking for the Town Centre (at least 450 parking spaces).

This takes into account a small reduction in street parking to provide pedestrian friendly wider pavements and additional crossings.

A further increase in parking will occur as older buildings which do not have on-site parking are redeveloped.

Will vehicle access still be available in Redman Road Plaza?

Some vehicle access will still be available to adjoining properties via a vehicle and pedestrian ‘Shared Zone’ for half the length of the proposed plaza. There will be no vehicle parking and vehicle speeds will be restricted to 10kmh within the ‘Shared Zone’.

There will be no vehicle access, other than for maintenance, to the other half of the plaza. 

Where is the water feature shown on Redman Road in the Masterplan?

Redman Road is an overland floodway during large storms and the concept shown in the Master Plan was not viable or practical. The current proposal has been designed to provide an attractive public space which provides minimum impedance to the overland flows or flooding to adjoining properties.

When will the work start and how long wil it take?

Work on Redman Road Plaza is proposed to be undertaken in two parts. The eastern half will be constructed first. The start of these works is reliant on the undergrounding of overhead electrical power, the timeframe of which is difficult to predict due to the need to obtain approval from the energy authority. 

How much is the redevelopment of Redman Road going to cost?

Based on our current preliminary designs, we expect that the approximate cost for Redman Road will be $1.8 million.

How will Council pay for the redevelopment?

The upgrade to the public spaces in Dee Why Town Centre, including the new Walter Gors Park and Redman Road Plaza, will be funded from development contributions. 

Council has been collecting private developer contributions under the Warringah Section 94A Development Contributions Plan 2014.