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Preliminary Consultation Outcomes - July 2010

about 7 years ago
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Consultation to date has included an online discussion forum that has had more than 1,500 visits, a staffed display at Warringah Mall, a stakeholder panel with several randomly selected members of the community who expressed an interest to participate and ‘Brekkie at Brookie’ a community workshop on the Oval that was attended by approximately 150 people.

A number of themes and issues have been identified from the feedback the community provided during the first stage of consultation.  The library section of this website includes the report on consultation outcomes.  Key themes are noted below. 

  • Maintain character and atmosphere – keep the hills:  Recognition that the Oval has a unique character and is unlike other NRL stadiums.  Strong support to retain the hills which contribute to the character of the Oval
  • Historical significance:  Recognition that the Park has sporting and cultural heritage values
  • Naming rights and advertising:  Interest in maintaining the identity of the Oval and mixed views about selling naming rights
  • Refurbish grandstands and/or build new grandstand:  Some support to develop a new grandstand or refurbish existing grandstands
  • Capacity:  Mixed views about increasing capacity with some support to create a large stadium and some support to remain a small sportsground
  • Upgrade the facilities:  Recognition that existing facilities are inadequate. Strong support to upgrade facilities, including food and beverage outlets, ticket booths, lifts and scoreboard, to comply with modern standards
  • Home of the Sea Eagles:  Strong support for the Oval to remain home of the Sea Eagles
  • Economic benefit:  Recognition of the economic contribution of the Oval to Brookvale and beyond
  • Multi-use and multi-purpose facility:  Recognition the Oval is not being used to its full potential and strong support for it to be managed and promoted as a multi-use, multi-purpose facility
  • Development:  Mixed views about potential development, but general acceptance some form of new development needed to attract additional use and/or fund future capital renewal
  • Council funding versus self funding:  Mixed views about Council’s role to fund maintenance and ongoing capital renewal works
  • Ongoing and improved community access:  Recognition of the need to maintain open access for the community when the Oval is not in use.  Strong support to improve the booking system
  • Balanced use to meet all needs:  Recognition the Park  is valued by local residents and more widely.  Strong support for ongoing integration to balance use between the local neighbourhood park and  the regional sportsground
  • Green space and parkland:  Recognition of the need to retain green space around the Oval and minimise loss of community land.  Strong support to maintain trees, playground and BBQ facilities
  • Lobby for new government funding:  Strong support to lobby for additional government funding. 
  • Financial risk:  Recognition of the need to manage commercial risks associated with future commercial use of facilities
  • Parking and traffic management:  Recognition of the need to manage parking and traffic conflicts
  • Antisocial behaviour:  Recognition of the need to manage antisocial behaviour
  • Integrity of decision making:  Recognition of the need for an open and transparent decision making process

To view the preliminary consultation outcomes report prepared by Straight Talk which documents the emerging themes identified through initial consultation activities click here.

Theis consultation is now closed.