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Recommendations for the Future of the Park - Nov 2010

over 6 years ago

In November 2010, Council adopted all 29 recommendations from consultation undertaken to identify community preferences on the future of the Park and Oval. Recommendations adopted in the Council report and the Consultant report included:

Strategic direction

  1. Maintain and upgrade Brookvale Oval to be a safe and fit for purpose regional sporting venue for professional sport and for community use.
  2. Ensure that Brookvale Oval continues to be the home of the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles over the long term and consider measures to:
          * Provide additional security of tenure to the Sea Eagles
          * Justify Council expenditure on facilities to the community
  3. Commit to action that will ensure the long term future for Brookvale Park and Oval and ensure appropriate funding is secured for renewal and/or new works
  4. Recognise that funding generated from use of the Oval's facilities will, in all likelihood, only be sufficient to fund maintenance works and therefore other funding sources will need to be found to fund renewal and/or new works.
  5. Acknowledge the strong community preference for future upgrades to not be funded by rate payers.
  6. Recognise the need for the Park, and Oval in particular, to be financially self sufficient and to generate funding to contribute to the cost of renewal and/or new works, but that it is a community facility and that full cost recovery may not be possible.
  7. Consider measures to ensure a more coordinated approach to managing Brookvale Park and Oval.

    Governance, transparency and communications
  8. Consider new models for long term management of the Park that may include
       * A trust fund to safeguard funding for renewal and/or new works over the long term
       * An independent management board or other appropriate management structure
       * A nominated relationship manager who could liaise with the Sea Eagles and underpin a more collaborative approach for the mutual benefit of both the community and the Sea Eagles
       * Liaison with the Brookvale Park Community Committee to provide an ongoing mechanism for engagement about issues affecting the Park and Oval
  9. Consider facilitating a process to help establish good working relationships between local Brookvale residents and the Sea Eagles.
  10. Prepare new operational guidelines for use of the Oval in consultation with relevant stakeholders, including the Sea Eagles.
  11. Consider measures to market and promote increased use of the Oval by sporting groups (elite and amateur), school groups and for a range of community events.
  12. Ensure the booking system for the Oval is consistent with the system used for other Council reserve bookings and less cost prohibitive for non commercial users. Make the booking process straightforward for potential users with fees and charges readily accessible on the website, transparency about availability of facilities and clarity about steps in the booking process.

    Character of Park
  13. Ensure the surrounding parkland is appropriately maintained, including the playground and other facilities; and protect the 'green and growing' quality of the parkland.
  14. Consider ways to improve the Oval's facilities to:
       * Not compromise the existing suburban scale or significantly increasing the current capacity of the Oval (approximately 23,000)
       * Alter the overall ratio of 'seating to standing' by providing additional covered fixed seats and less informal seating and standing.
  15. Protect the character, amenity and family friendly feel of the Park and Oval with consideration given to retaining most of the eastern hill and northern hill and minimising impact on parkland.

    Future works and income opportunities
  16. Improve the Oval's facilities to comply with legislative requirements particularly for safety and disability access.
  17. Pursue selling naming rights to generate funding to contribute to the cost of renewal and/or new works, with a strong community preference for 'Brookvale/Brookie' being retained in the name.
  18. Pursue selling advertising space to generate funding to contribute to the cost of renewal and/or new works.
  19. Pursue development along Pittwater Road to generate funding to contribute to making the Park financially self sufficient and undertake detailed design, feasibility assessment, costing analysis and further consultation to achieve this aim. As part of the process consider measures to be sympathetic to the bulk, height, scale and use of development while ensuring commercial viability
  20. Pursue upgrading the Jane Try Stand north and/or forward.
  21. Investigate the feasibility of a stand on the eastern hill which preserves as much of the family friendly hill as possible and may incorporate community/commercial uses.
  22. Actively lobby State and Federal government to secure funding to contribute to renewal and/or new works.
  23. Consider the feasibility of a 'complete knock down/rebuild of whole site' option for pursuing with Federal and State funding bodies.
  24. Consider collaborating with other councils who own and maintain ovals used for NRL to lobby for increased funding from television rights.

    Planning framework
  25. Prepare a new master plan in consultation with the community to guide future development and the coordinated delivery of renewal and/or new works.
  26. Review the Brookvale Park Plan of Management, planning controls and land classification as required in implementing the master plan.
  27. Minimise loss of 'community' land.

    Parking and Traffic
  28. Ensure any new development incorporates sufficient parking to meet its additional demand.
  29. Consider measures to improve parking and traffic flow during events at Brookvale Oval that may include preparing a match day traffic management plan and other measures such as 'park and ride


Theis consultation is now closed.