Policy adopted as amended

At a meeting on 26 November 2019, Council resolved to -

  • adopt the Communications Policy.
  • rescind the following:
  1. No 196: Media and Communications Policy (Pittwater Council).
  2. GOV-PL 520: Media Policy (Warringah Council).
  • research the social media policies of other Councils as they apply to Councillors, and present the findings to Councillors at a briefing

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Report to Council

There is a report going to Council on Tuesday 26 November recommending that the policy be adopted.

The Council Meeting will be held at 6pm at the Dee Why Civic Centre.

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Council is in the process of reviewing and harmonising the many policies inherited from the former councils.

As part of that project, the legacy media and communication policies have been reviewed and a single Northern Beaches Communications Policy has been drafted for community feedback.

The purpose of the Communications Policy (draft) is to provide an understanding of the different communication channels Northern Beaches Council use, their intended purpose and the roles and responsibilities of staff in accessing and using them to ensure all communications are well coordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the diverse information needs of the community.

Council recognises that communication with the community is a critical function that underpins understanding and awareness of the decisions of Council and importantly how Council is delivering on the Community Strategic Plan outcomes and goals.

The draft policy defines several principles to ensure that communication between Council and the community will be in a manner that is:

  • accessible and available in multiple formats to accommodate diverse information needs
  • informative and proactive, promoting awareness about the decisions of Council, policies, programs, services and decisions
  • open and transparent, encouraging two-way communication through a variety of channels
  • reflective of how feedback has been used to support decisions
  • positive and builds an engaged and highly satisfied community
  • consistent, timely, accurate and responsive to our community needs
  • respectful of the democratic process acknowledging Council resolutions represent the majority view.

At its meeting on 23 July 2019, Council resolved to place the draft Communications Policy on exhibition.

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