Policy and Guidelines on exhibition (draft)

Community gardening is a recreational activity contributing to community health and well-being as well as providing a range of environmental, social and educational benefits.

We recognise that community involvement is essential in decision-making, planning, management and day-to-day activities to ensure the ongoing success of community gardens on the Northern Beaches.

At its meeting on Tuesday 26 November 2019, Council agreed to place the Community Gardens Policy and Guidelines (draft) on exhibition for public comment.

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Council report, Item 13.4 Public Exhibition of Community Gardens Policy (draft)
Community Gardens Policy (draft)
Draft Guidelines Community Gardens
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The policy provides guidance on:

  • Assessment criteria for establishing new community gardens.
  • Roles and responsibilities of Council and community garden groups in planning, establishment, management and operation of community gardens.


Since the formation of the Northern Beaches Council in 2016, a policy review project has been underway to ensure a concise, consistent, effective approach on policy matters for the Northern Beaches.

Prior to amalgamation the establishment of community gardens was undertaken in varying ways by the three former Councils.

These policies have been reviewed and a draft policy and draft guidelines have been developed which proposes a single integrated Northern Beaches approach.

There are two main differences between the former policies and the draft policy.

  1. The draft policy proposes an increased partnership approach in which Council may consider support (where resources are available) to ensure the successful planning, establishment and long-term financial viability of the garden.
  2. The definition of a community garden has also been expanded to encompass all kinds of gardens, not just for growing food.

    The garden may include, for example, fresh fruits and vegetables, ornamentals, natives including native bush foods and/or sensory plants. This expansion of the definition will allow proposals for other kinds of gardens to be assessed equitably along with the traditional community garden for cultivating food.

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  • Timeline item 1

    Nov 19-Jan 20 Draft Policy and Guidelines on exhibition

  • Timeline item 2

    Jan-Feb 20 Review and consider community feedback

  • Timeline item 3

    Mar 20 Report to Council recommending Policy adoption