Policy adopted by Council.

Council adoption

At its meeting on Tuesday 25 June 2019, Council resolved to:

A. Note the submissions received on the draft Community Grants and Partnerships Policy.

B. Adopt the Community Grants and Partnerships Policy.

C. Rescind the following policies:

a. Grants and Sponsorship Policy – PL 011 (former Warringah).

b. Direct Financial Assistance – Community Service Organisations Policy – No 45 (former


c. Community and Cultural Grants Policy – C71 (former Manly).

View the Council minutes(External link), Item 14.1, page 9

Report to Council

There is a report going to Council on Tuesday 25 June 2019 recommending that the Draft Community Grants and Partnerships Policy be adopted.

The Council Meeting will be held at 6pm at the Dee Why Civic Centre.

View the Council Agenda and report(External link), Item 14.1, page 113.

View the Draft Policy(External link) in attachment 1, page 118.

For requests to address Council please visit our webpage(External link).

Submissions closed

Thank you for your interest

Submissions on the draft policy are now closed. All submissions will be considered by Council as part of completing this project.

This webpage will be updated when the policy is to be presented to Council with results of the engagement.


The draft Policy provides an overarching framework to guide the management of grants and sponsorship requests and further the achievement of the outcomes and vision of Northern Beaches Community Strategic Plan - SHAPE 2028. The legislative context is outlined as well as the overriding principles that direct the programs established by Council.

The principles set the scene for an equitable, open and orderly process for providing assistance to the community. They provide for greater accessibility to funding and ensures transparency around the provision of financial assistance across the Northern Beaches. It also provides for greater recognition of the contribution Council makes to supporting organisations that contribute to social, cultural, environmental and economic life of the Northern Beaches.

The draft Policy also recognises the importance of the program guidelines and the governance framework they provide for administering the programs. It establishes that the guidelines will be reviewed annually along with the outcomes of the program by Strategic Reference Groups. This ensures the programs are agile and adaptable to emerging needs of the community.

View the Council report 26 March 2019 - Item 8.1, page 11


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