Draft policy under review

Project update (21 Jul 2021)

The revised policy is still under review and is anticipated to be presented to Council late in 2021.

Project update (12 Mar 2020)

Council is still considering the extensive submissions made towards the draft policy, and continue to meet with representatives from animal organisations who also made submissions.

As this process remains ongoing, the policy will likely be put back to Council later in the year.

Reviewing feedback

Thank you for your interest in this draft policy, the submission period has now closed.

Feedback received will be reviewed and considered prior to the finalisation of the policy.

Draft proposal concerns (4 Dec 2019)

Thank you for your interest in the draft Keeping of Animals Policy.

We are committed to consulting with the local community on policy formulation and are aware of concerns about the proposals for the management of larger animals in large properties that fall within residential zones.

In some cases, large blocks of land are located within residential zones. The draft policy was not intended to exclude the keeping of horses (and the like) on large lot residential properties in these areas and we will be making changes to the policy before bringing it back to Council.

We are also looking to include an option for people to request consideration for unique circumstances where they can show that the keeping of their animal will not adversely affect their neighbours or wider community. As well as taking into account all other submissions around other animals like chickens, bees etc.

We expect that the amended draft Keeping of Animals Policy will go back to Council in March 2020.

Project update (21 Nov 2019)

In response to community interest in this draft Policy we've extended the submission period until Sunday 8 December.

To date community comments include concerns on the way we propose to manage the keeping of animals in the larger lot residential areas in Elanora Heights and Bayview.

It was not intended to exclude the keeping of horses (and the like) at large lot residential properties in these areas and changes will be made to the policy before bringing it back to Council, to clarify properties which are zoned R5 - “large lot residential” under the Pittwater LEP.

The draft Policy is seeking to replace the various current Policies already adopted by the former Manly, Pittwater and Warringah Councils.

We encourage community submissions on the draft Policy, so we can consider changes appropriately.

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The purpose of the Keeping of Animals Policy (draft) is to provide a balanced approach to the management of domestic and companion animals living within the Northern Beaches local government area.

It will assist owners of animals in understanding their obligations under the Companion Animals Act 1998.

The draft policy aims to:

  • Inform the community of the legal restrictions and acceptable standards which apply to keeping certain animals.
  • Provide advice on restrictions and prohibition applied to keeping animals in certain areas within the local government area.
  • Ensure that public and private amenity is not adversely impacted by the keeping of animals.
  • Promote responsible ownership of companion animals.
  • Investigate complaints about inappropriate animal behaviour.

At its meeting on Tuesday 22 October, Council resolved to:

  • Place the draft Keeping of Animals Policy on public exhibition for a minimum of 28 days
  • Note the need to address management of domestic cats given their impact on native wildlife and strengthen the draft policy to reflect the need for continued public education and enhanced legislation.

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