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The draft Water Management for Development Policy provides the principles and planning controls that will allow Northern Beaches Council to deliver effective integrated management of rainwater, stormwater, groundwater and wastewater. It will protect and enhance the natural environment while ensuring protection of public and private property.

The policy provides a set of clear and consistent guidelines for development across the Northern Beaches, simplifying and improving the application and assessment process in relation to water management. Practitioners will now only need to access one document, rather than referring to multiple policies, guidelines and technical specifications.

The key points of difference from the former policies include:

  • updated principles to include references to water quality and climate change
  • a map of high quality catchments that in addition to existing high quality catchments identified in planning controls for the former Warringah area, will incorporate three high quality catchments from the former Pittwater area (McCarrs, Wirreanda and Cicada Glen Creeks)
  • a simpler and easier to follow water treatment solution for smaller lots that are not subdividing
  • better guidance for developers on suitable water treatment options
  • additional controls to minimise damage to stormwater treatment measures installed during construction e.g. swales, constructed wetlands
  • provision of clearer guidelines for developers to follow for on-site detention requirements
  • provision of exemptions for on-site detention in floodplains as they serve no function in these area.
  • changes of preferred drainage computer modelling programme from ILSAX to DRAINS (public domain, requires minimal data entry and is consistent with Council’s modelling)
  • updated references to legislation.

Public exhibition of the draft Water Management for Development Policy and associated Manly, Warringah and Pittwater DCP amendments was endorsed at the Council meeting on Tuesday 22 October, 2019.

The engagement period will run from Saturday 26 October to Thursday 28 November 2019.

Enquiries: Ruby Ardren, Project Leader, Water Management on 1300 434 434