Reporting to Council later this year

Engagement outcome

Council resolved on 17 December 2019 to exhibit the proposed Western Foreshore Parking Permits (Pittwater Park North) fees and charges for 2020/21. The draft fees and charges were exhibited for 28 days between 15 January and 12 February 2020. There were 26 submissions received during the exhibition period.

A report is being prepared for Council. No amendments are proposed prior to adoption.

Providing parking for off-shore residents

In November 2017, Council adopted the Palm Beach Parking Demand Management Strategy which accommodates the parking needs of the off-shore community living at Coasters Retreat and Mackerel Beach, as well as parking requirements to support the local residents, businesses and visitors.

The Western Foreshore Permit was trialed in the Pittwater Park (north) carpark for a year, from 1 December 2018 to 30 November 2019, providing dedicated parking for the off-shore residents of Coasters Retreat and Greater Mackerel Beach only.

Feedback from those off-shore residents confirmed that this system was working as desired and the community wanted to continue the parking permit scheme on a permanent basis.

Following the exhibition period and subject to the adoption by Council, fees will apply to all 2020 Western Foreshore Parking Permits.

Table: Proposed Western Foreshore Parking Permit fees

Permit typeFeePensioner*Postage
Western Foreshore Parking Permit - full year $47No$10
Western Foreshore Parking Permit - New vehicle, windscreen, lost, temporary permits$26.50 $13.25$10

*Registered post through Australia Post