Lease granted

On 16 April 2019, Council resolved to authorise a 20 year lease to Warringah Golf Club from 1 September 2020, for the Warringah Golf Course on Condamine Street, Manly Vale for the purpose of operating a golf course and associated uses.

A proposed 20-year lease for Warringah Golf Club was publicly exhibited from 24 July to 21 August 2020.

533 submissions were received with the vast majority of submissions indicating support for the lease, however several objections were received.

Under the Local Government Act 1993, it is a requirement that Council applies for the Minister’s Consent to enter into the lease where objections are received on leases for a period over five years.

Following the meeting on 27 October 2020, Council resolved to apply to the Minister for Local Government in accordance with Sections 47(5) – (9) of the Local Government Act 1993 for consent to grant the proposed lease, noting the objections received to the lease.

On 6 November 2020 Council then applied for consent from the Office of Local Government to grant this lease as per the Council resolution.

On 30 September 2021 consent was granted for Council to enter into a 20 year lease with the Warringah Golf Club.

Lease renewal - Warringah Golf Club

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