We have a new name

Herminies Landing

At its meeting on Tuesday 27 October, 2020 Council resolved to name the viewing spot on the Palm Beach Walkway at Observation Point as Herminies Landing in recognition of the late Herminie Swainston.

View the Council minutes, item 13.4, pg. 14

Community engagement has now concluded. Thank you for your interest.


The Palm Beach and Whale Beach Association (PBWBA) wrote to Council requesting that the landing at Observation Point on the Palm Beach Walkway, Barrenjoey Road be named ‘Herminie’s Landing’ in recognition of the late Herminie Swainston, a long time resident of Palm Beach.

Heminie played a key role in the restoration of the Local Bible Gardens and the transfer of the gardens from the Robinson Family to public ownership. She had a desire to make things better and dedicated herself to the preservation of the natural landscape and public places of Palm Beach.

Consultation outcomes

During the consultation period between 28 August and 27 September 2020, 119 submissions were received.

Results showed that the majority (82 percent) of the comments supported the proposal, believing that the naming of the landing at Observation Point was suitable recognition of Herminie Swainston’s contribution to Palm Beach and its community.

A proportion of the comments received (15 percent) did not support the proposal for various reasons including:

  • there was no need to name the landing, Observation Point is sufficient
  • it would be a misallocation of funds
  • the subjectivity of the choice of name
  • a preference for an indigenous name.

Victoria Keswick

Open Space Sport & Recreation Officer

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