Adopted by Council

As part of our commitment to becoming a Child Safe Organisation, Council adopted the Child Safeguarding Policy at its meeting on 27 October 2020.

The policy is a step towards establishing preventative and responsive systems and practices to safeguard children and young people from harm and abuse.

View the Council minutes, item 10.1, pg. 11

Community engagement has now concluded. Thank you for your interest.

Consultation results

Fifteen submissions were received during the public exhibition of the draft Child Safeguarding Policy, between 26 June and 9 August 2020.

Overall, all the responses were supportive of the draft Policy. Some comments suggested slight changes or inclusions such as

  • a section on ‘information for families’ to ensure that parents and caregivers are informed and involved in the safeguarding process
  • adding hirers of Council facilities such as community/sports centres and surf clubs
  • a plan for the implementation of the Policy and associated actions
  • a process for reporting alleged child abuse.

Comments also highlighted that appropriate training for all Council staff is needed to ensure they can recognise and respond to child safety issues effectively, different operational areas of Council should have their own specific policy and that all Council staff should complete a Working with Children Check.

Becoming a Child Safe Organisation

The Child Safeguarding Policy provides a set of overarching practices aligned to the Child Safe Standards that demonstrates Council’s commitment to child safety.

The policy will ensure Council:

  • is committed to providing and actively promoting a safe environment for children and young people
  • has zero tolerance towards child abuse, and is committed to protecting the physical, emotional, cultural and social wellbeing of all children and young people
  • has policies and systems to protect children and young people. All allegations and safety concerns will be treated seriously
  • acknowledges that protecting the safety of children and young people is a whole of community responsibility and is everyone’s business.

The policy will apply to all workers of Northern Beaches Council including Councillors, employees, trainees, work experience and internships, volunteers, agents, consultants, contractors and employees of contractors irrespective of whether or not they have direct contact with children and young people.

For enquiries

Name Alison Pittorino, Children Services
Phone 1300 434 434