Submissions closed


Jul 2020: Submissions closed

The submission period for the proposed fees closed on Wednesday 29 July, 2020.

The proposed fees will be presented to Council for adoption at its meeting on 25 August 2020, these fees will apply from 1 September 2020.

Jun 2020: Council endorses new fees for exhibition

At its meeting on 23 June 2020, Council adopted Fees and Charges 2020/21, which were publicly exhibited from 6 May until 7 June.

The events fees as well as a surcharge fee for burial on weekends at Manly Cemetery were not exhibited as part of the draft Fees and Charges. However, were endorsed for exhibition at the meeting.

View Council report, item 9.2,pg. 48 and minutes, item, 9.2, pg. 9

The events fees are for stalls, Sun Run, ticketed events, entertainment, merchandising, food and beverage.

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