Ministerial approval granted

18 May 2022

Under the Local Government Act 1993, it is a requirement that Council applies for the Minister’s Consent to enter into the lease where objections are received on leases for a period over five years.

In the meeting held on 26 October 2021, Council resolved to apply to the Minister for Local Government in accordance with Sections 47(5) – (9) of the Local Government Act 1993 for consent to grant the proposed lease, noting the objections received to the lease.

The Minister for Local Government granted approval to Council for the 20 year lease to Mona Vale Golf Club Limited. The lease will come into effect in due course.

View the Council meeting minutes (Item 13.5).

View the Council report (Item 13.5) and Attachment Booklet 1 (Item 13.5) which includes the community engagement report and updates.

In accordance with Section 3.22 of the Crown Land Management Act 2016 and Section 47 of the Local Government Act 1993, as the land owner and Crown Land Manager of Beeby Park Reserve, Mona Vale we notified the community of our intent to grant Mona Vale Golf Club Limited a 20 year lease to operate the golf course on Golf Avenue, Mona Vale.

The purpose of the proposed lease is for the Mona Vale Golf Club to continue its occupation of the land as a golf course.

Mona Vale Golf Club Limited is a not-for-profit organisation and there are no changes to land use proposed as part of this renewal.

The lease is subject to the payment of a fee, as well as approval from Council and the Crown Minister.

The lease plan was open for submissions between 17 September and 14 October 2021 and received 285 submissions.

The feedback showed a high level of support for the 20 year lease renewal, with over 94 percent of respondents noting they supported the proposed lease plan due to the benefits the use of land provides for golf club members and the public.

Read the Mona Vale Golf Course Lease renewal Community and Stakeholder Engagement Report by clicking the button below.

Mona Vale Golf Course Lease Plan

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