Council endorsement

about 1 month ago

At the Council meeting of Tuesday 26 March, Council endorsed the proposed changes to parking in the Collaroy Beach area.

Council resolved that:

A. Approve the implementation of the proposed changes in the off-street parking areas in
Collaroy as outlined in the report.

B. Review the implemented changes after the peak season in summer 2019/2020.

C. Write to the Minister for Transport requesting an extension of the On-Demand Transport
service/s to include the commuter catchment for the Collaroy B-Line stop.

D. Write to the Minister for Transport requesting an investigation into additional commuter
parking options at Collaroy, Narrabeen, and Warriewood to support the ongoing success of
the B-Line service and further increase public transport patronage on the Northern Beaches

View the Council Minutes, Item 10.5, pg. 16

Engagement on this project has now concluded.