Redman Road Plaza Update

over 1 year ago

We’re now calling Tenders for construction of the new and improved Redman Road Plaza Stage 1. Works on Stage 1 are scheduled to commence March 2017. The works will create a new, greener community space to activate the western side of Pittwater Road.

The designs were adopted by Council in 2015 based on strong community support. They include an elevated lighting structure, to make the Plaza safe and attractive at night, along with hanging gardens, seating and a water feature. Functional and integrated public art is proposed to reflect the community and culture of Dee Why.

Currently, only Stage 1 is proposed for construction. Stage 2 is subject to available funding and may be undertaken in conjunction with redevelopment of adjoining private properties.

The works will result in some short-term traffic impacts caused by the need for a construction zone. Once complete, the new Plaza will provide more space for pedestrians. Six on-street parking spaces will be removed along with the underutilised taxi zone.

We have contacted local businesses and residents to let them know of the upcoming works. We’ll also be working with the contractor to minimise and where possible mitigate impacts on the local area during construction.

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