Phase 1 Streetscape Upgrades - Preliminary Design Plan (including two way traffic scheme)

over 1 year ago

The preparation of preliminary design plans for the Phase 1 streetscape upgrades are in progress. These plans will incorporate the proposed two-way traffic scheme adopted by Council on 2 June 2016.

The proposed two-way traffic scheme is essentially the same as the existing traffic network except that it will include the addition of the new two-way Link Road between Howard Avenue and Oaks Avenue, and a one-way north bound Link Lane between Pacific Parade and Oaks Avenue through the Woolworths site. The two-way traffic network was found to offer better accessibility, route choice, reduced travel times, reduced stops, reduced congestion and very similar travel speeds to the one-way network.

We propose to exhibit these plans in September for community feedback. The results of community feedback will be reported to Council towards the end of 2016. Subject to Council approval detailed designs will then be undertaken, and the upgrade works started in the second half of 2017.

Consultation has concluded