What has Council been doing?

about 1 year ago

While working with the SRG on a strategic approach, the Northern Beaches Council has been:

  • Advocating for State Government support for suitable planning mechanisms in our region eg. relevant State Environmental Planning Policies, secondary dwellings provisions, the use of State-owned land and Sydney North District planning.
  • Considering how to stimulate more affordable housing stock and diversity through Council’s planning controls.
  • Exploring opportunities for developers, community housing providers, home owners and use of Council-owned land.

Council is also building on the work of the three former councils. Each had housing affordability embedded as a priority issue for their strategic planning. Their initiatives have included:

  • Pittwater worked towards developing a strategy on affordable housing; backed by a discussion paper and investigating opportunities within the Ingleside Precinct Planning process.

  • Warringah established a Community Committee and conducted extensive community engagement, leading to a discussion paper and draft action plan in 2015. This led to a more detailed needs analysis (see Infographic) and preparation of a draft policy in 2016, as well as exploring opportunities in the Frenchs Forest Hospital precinct. In 2016 the Warringah LEP was amended to allow for larger secondary dwellings, by increasing maximum floor space in some areas.

  • Manly Council had embedded the issue in its Community Strategic Plan as a key goal for its built environment: "Create liveable neighbourhoods with more affordable housing choice", and has encouraged a greater diversity of housing through its strategic planning.

This consultation has concluded.