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We are committed to creating places where the community want to live, connect and work. Our centres and public places play an important role in growing the local economy and building communities. To address future challenges and improve our town centres, We are developing a Place Plan for Mona Vale Town Centre. This plan will help Council understand the needs of residents and businesses and guide the management of our centre over time.

What is a Place Plan?

A Place Plan is a tactical and action-oriented strategy focused on the community’s connection to place. It establishes a vision and path forward for an area, allowing incremental change that is aligned with the current and future needs of the community.

Place Planning for Mona Vale

The Mona Vale Place Plan process will shape the development of planning controls for the Mona Vale, which will provide clarity and certainty for all who share an interest in the future of the area. The intention will be to allow Mona Vale to evolve over time with a strong emphasis on creating places for people.

Since Janurary 2014, Council has focused on the planning and design of Mona Vale, ensuring it continues to function as a vibrant town centre now and into the future.

Through place planning Council aims to:

  • Create places designed for people
  • Attract the right uses to the right places
  • Provide a focal point for employment and new forms of residential development
  • Improve connectivity in and around the centre, especially for pedestrians
  • Recognise the importance of streets as community spaces and destinations.



Life Cycle

  • Timeline item 1

    Place Planning

    • Council resolution to undertake planning process in Mona Vale
    • A place based approach to planning established

  • Timeline item 2

    Knowledge Exchange

    • Pittwater Council participates in the Future Cities Program 2014
    • Research into how Mona Vale town centre is currently operating and what opportunties and challenges exist locally
    • First Village Economies Summit with a focus on Mona Vale

  • Timeline item 3

    Spotlight on Mona Vale

    • Piloting and testing concepts and activations
    • Demonstrate different uses of spaces and places
    • Commence dialogue with community on 'Imagine Mona Vale'

  • Timeline item 4

    Mona Vale Urban Talks Series

    • Continued piloting and testing place making initiatives in Mona Vale
    • Generating ideas for Mona Vale
    • Capturing conversations with stakeholders
    • Identify priorities and future directions

  • Timeline item 5

    Consultants Studies

    • Development Feasibility Analysis
    • Traffic and Parking Strategy

  • Timeline item 6

    Draft Mona Vale Place Plan

    • Public exhibition and community engagement period