The aim of the Pittwater Road Conservation Area (PRCA) Review is to ensure that all places of heritage significance within the PRCA are protected, sustained, conserved and rejuvenated as part of the larger conservation area that enhances the area for the enjoyment and appreciation of the community.

In addition, the review seeks to provide the framework for our management of heritage issues in the wider area, as well as improve and promote the understanding of best practice in heritage management more generally.

The project has three key outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of the heritage significance of the PRCA, and an adjustment of the listing boundary if necessary.
  • A review and amendment of the existing DCP heritage controls, to bring them in line with current best practice, and to provide clarity for those using the DCP (Council staff, rate payers, developers).
  • An implementation strategy, for all stakeholders, including a development assessment template designed to assist with the assessment of Development Applications for sites within the PRCA, capturing the new heritage controls, as well as a guide for the general public on development within the PRCA.