Arts and Creativity Strategy adopted

Connected Through Creativity 2029 - Strategy adopted

The Arts and Creativity Strategy: Connected Through Creativity 2029 was adopted at a Council meeting on 22 October 2019.

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Report to Council 22 October 2019

A report will be considered at the Council meeting on Tuesday 22 October seeking to adopt the draft Arts and Creativity Strategy - Connected Through Creativity 2029.

The draft Strategy has been amended following community feedback that identified a strong commitment to local Aboriginal communities, the potential of local creative industries and appreciation of the complexities of the local creative eco-system.

The draft Strategy aims to progress the community’s long-term vision for the Northern Beaches to be a ‘safe, connected and inclusive community that lives in balance with our extraordinary coastal and bushland environment’ (Northern Beaches Community Strategic Plan, Shape 2028 (2018)).

The amended Strategy sets out Council’s commitment to supporting and growing a vibrant creative culture, authentic to the Northern Beaches through three key outcomes that are supported by nine strategies to cultivate creativity, identify opportunities for arts and cultural expression and connect the diverse communities of the Northern Beaches.

Draft Strategy amended and reported to Council

The draft Arts and Creativity Strategy: Connected through Creativity 2029 has been prepared in recognition of the important role that arts and creativity play in enriching our cultural life, promoting community connection, and enhancing our sense of identity and belonging. It acknowledges the broader social, economic and environmental benefits, including the contribution of arts and creativity to the local economy and tourism.

The draft Strategy presents a vision for the arts and creativity on the Northern Beaches that will be evidenced through the achievement of three key outcomes and their associated strategies.

Outcome 1 - Inspiring Places and Spaces


  • Infuse public places with creativity
  • Make room for creative expression
  • Celebrate cultural heritage.

Outcome 2 – Innovative and Creative Industries


  • Enable creative sector vitality
  • Collaborate to innovate
  • Grow thriving arts hubs.

Outcome 3 - Engaged Community


  • Share local stories
  • Listen to and support Aboriginal communities
  • Make creativity inclusive.

Summary of public consultation

Community engagement for the development of the draft Strategy took place from May to September 2018. More than 800 community members from across the Northern Beaches participated in the engagement, as reported to Council on 27 November 2018.

Public exhibition of the draft Arts and Creativity Strategy comprised the following:

  • community information session at Manly Art Gallery and Museum – with 65 participants.
  • community information session and panel at Glen Street Theatre – with 44 participants.
  • Your Say engagement - with 100 submissions.
  • submissions from the Barrenjoey Arts Alliance and Manly Art Gallery & Museum Society.

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Northern Beaches is home to a large and growing group of artists, creatives and entrepreneurs who contribute significantly to the vibrancy of our community and places. Our community enjoys and values arts and culture as integral aspects of community wellbeing on the Northern Beaches.

Council wants to build on these values and creative momentum by working with the community to support a healthy, creative, culturally rich and socially connected community.

To help achieve this, we are developing an Arts and Creativity Strategy that will set a long term direction for using arts and creativity to connect the Northern Beaches and enhance community wellbeing.

The objectives of the Strategy are to:

1. Inspire and support active community participation in arts, cultural initiatives and creative enterprises

2. Promote the importance of art and culture for improved wellbeing

3. Nurture creativity in the community