Supporting solar power

Report to Council 27 August 2019

At a meeting on 27 August 2019, a report was presented on the barriers to residential solar uptake in the Northern Beaches area and a proposed target for the installation of solar systems on residential dwellings.

A survey with 540 responses identified the most significant barriers to solar panel installation as:

  • cost
  • lack of knowledge about the different systems and technology
  • planning controls and policies
  • lack of confidence in solar power suppliers/installers.

View Council Report (Item 11.1) - 27 August 2019

At the meeting, Council resolved to:

A. Pursue an ambitious target of 50% of suitable premises with solar panels installed by 2030.

B. Note the main barriers to the installation of solar panels on residential dwellings.

C. Note the Council activities proposed to accelerate the uptake of solar installations on

residential properties:

  1. aligning Council resources and tools such as our website, sustainability teams and our
  2. Environment Centres to provide a greater level of information and support to residents on increasing their solar uptake.
  3. actively promoting any State or Federal Government initiatives such as the interest free loans for solar installations.
  4. exploring innovative funding models that could reduce the cost barrier for our community.

View Council Minutes (Item 11.1 page 13)

Recommendations were adopted.


Northern Beaches Council wants to support residential solar power installation.

If you’ve installed solar power, have investigated options, or made a decision not to install, please complete the Community Barriers to Solar survey.

Survey closes Wednesday 22 May

As part of this process we’d like to invite our local solar businesses to share their experiences of working with residents within the LGA.

If you’re in the solar business (an accredited supplier or installer), please register to come along, bring your ideas and be ready to collaborate.

  • Wednesday 22 May, Manly Town Hall (1st Floor), 3-5pm

Register here

We are looking at the barriers residents face when installing solar power in their homes and how Council may be able to help overcome them.

If you’re over 18 years of age, own a stand-alone house, duplex or townhouse and would like to tell us about the barriers you've faced please register for the community workshop:

  • Monday 20 May, Manly Town Hall (1st Floor), 6-7pm

Register here


At the Council meeting on 26 March a Mayoral Minute (No 03/2019) was presented titled - Supporting Community Solar Uptake.

The motion requested that:

A. Council undertake engagement to determine the barriers for our community to accelerate uptake of solar panel installations on residential dwellings.

B. Council develop an approach on how Council can facilitate removing these barriers linking to the draft Natural Environment and Climate Change Strategy and its targets.

C. As part of the development of the approach, Council identify an ambitious residential solar panel installations target for residential dwellings.

D. A report outlining the barriers, the approach and a proposed target for residential solar panel installations be presented back to Council within 4 months

View Mayoral Minute (no. 03/2019) - Item 7.1 26 March 2019 (page 7 of Council Agenda)

Emily Christiansen

Sustainability Education Project Officer

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