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Are you passionate about ensuring everyone living on the Northern Beaches can participate fully in community life and enjoy the same opportunities?

We are in the early stages of developing a Social Sustainability Strategy and the community's involvement is crucial to ensure the Strategy represents everyone living on the Northern Beaches.

We are currently calling for expressions of interest to be part of future engagement activities to develop our Social Sustainability Strategy. This may include attending community sessions, focus groups or webinars and completing surveys.

Register your interest to be part of designing what wellbeing looks like for the Northern Beaches community for the next 20 years.

The only thing you need is your own experiences of living on the Northern Beaches and a willingness to share.

We will be calling on registered participants at various stages of the development of the strategy, starting in early November.

Why a Social Sustainability Strategy?

We are developing a Social Sustainability Strategy that will support our community to realise their vision for a Safe, Inclusive and Connected community.

The aims of the 20-year strategy are:

  • a long term social direction that builds upon existing services, social resources and skills in the community
  • a framework for building the skills and knowledge of the community to respond to social challenges through strong partnerships
  • strengthen the ability of the community to recover from unexpected social, political, environmental and financial impacts.

What is Social Sustainability?

Socially sustainable communities are able to meet the diverse needs of existing and future populations, by balancing economic, social and environmental needs - where people want to live and work, both now and in the future.

Sustainable communities are made up of five elements:



  • Timeline item 1

    Phase 1: Sep - Oct 2020

    Baseline data collection - desktop studies

  • Timeline item 2

    Phase 2: Nov - Dec 2020

    Development of strategic directions, define priority areas

  • Timeline item 3

    Phase 3: Jan - Apr 2021

    Draft strategy development

  • Timeline item 4

    Phase 4: May - Jun 2021

    Public exhbiiton of the draft strategy

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Name Briana Davis - Social Planning & Strategy Coordinator
Phone 1300 434 434