Adopted by Council in July

Creating a safe, convenient and connected bike network

As our community grows, we want to ensure there is diversity in how people move around the Northern Beaches.

The Northern Beaches Bike Plan guides future infrastructure and programs that will encourage more people to consider riding a bicycle for transport more often.

The Bike Plan also aims to create a safer environment for people cycling on both paths and roads.

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Consultation history

Building on the feedback received during engagement for the Transport Strategy and Walking Plan, two rounds of extensive community engagement were undertaken as part of the development of the Bike Plan.

Feedback received helped guide the overall directions of the Bike Plan and assisted in identifying missing links to the existing network.

Stage One: Through February and March 2019, we engaged our community through an online interactive map, feedback form and face to face drop in sessions.

We received 900 comments with feedback ranging from areas for new paths or improvements, danger areas for cyclists, suggested bike parking locations and general comments about the existing bike network.

View stage one engagement report

Stage Two: This stage of engagement centered around the public exhibition of the draft Bike Plan. The engagement was conducted over 11 weeks from 29 February to 17 May 2020.

We received 696 online submissions.

View stage two engagement report

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback along the way.

Draft Bike Plan - promotional video

Past updates

At a meeting on Tuesday 28 July, Council noted the outcomes of the public exhibition and submissions from the community and resolved to adopt the Northern Beaches Bike Plan.

It also resolved to consider bike dismount zones when designing new shared paths.

View Council Report (Item 13.3)
View the Stage 2 Community Engagement Report
View Council minutes

A paper is going to Council on Tuesday 28 July to report the outcomes of the public exhibition and to seek adoption of the Northern Beaches Bike Plan.

View Council Report (Item 13.3)
View the Stage 2 Community Engagement Report.

For requests to address Council: complete the form online or call 9942 2444 by Tuesday 28 July 2020, 12pm.

Special COVID-19 update: Public attendance is strictly limited and priority will be given to registered speakers. Public addresses may also be provided in writing to be read during the meeting by a member of staff. If you wish to watch the meeting in person, please email your interest to

Alternatively, watch the meeting live on our website.

We held online question and answer sessions on 7 and 12 May for people to ask the Transport Team questions about the draft Bike Plan. Over 65 questions were received and answered, covering topics such as separated bike lanes, cycling routes, cyclists and pedestrian safety and infrastructure.

Click here to browse the questions and responses.

A report was presented to Council on 25 February 2020 seeking endorsement to publically exhibit the draft Bike Plan.

View Council Report (Item 13.8)
Stage 1 Engagement Report
View Draft Bike Plan Priority List

The Council report and draft Northern Beaches Bike Plan have been deferred for endorsement until later this year.

Thanks for your interest in this project.

We're finalising the draft Northern Beaches Bike Plan which is now anticipated to be presented to Council in August for public exhibition endorsement.

We have revised the project timeline with stage two engagement proposed for September 2019.

Thank you to those who provided comments to assist in the development of the Northern Beaches Bike Plan. Next steps The Draft Northern Beaches Bike Plan and accompanying report are scheduled to be presented to Council in April 2019.

View Stage 1 Engagement Report

Don't miss your opportunity to provide feedback on what's needed in the Northern Beaches Bike Plan.

How to get involved

  • Online
    drop your pins on the interactive mapping tool - comments now closed

Thank you to those who were able to come along to one of our drop-in's over the past week.

We chatted with close to 50 people at three drop-in locations and popped up at four popular cycling spots let you know about this project.

We've heard what's important to you as a recreational or commuting cyclist, and where safe off-road networks would benefit your journeys.

There is still time to map your feedback on this project.

Drop a pin and tell us what's important in the Draft Northern Beaches Bike Plan.

Comments close Sunday 3 March

Thank you to those who came along and chatted with the project team on Saturday afternoon at Manly.

There are still two more opportunities to speak with the team this week:

  • Tue 19 Feb, 9.30-11.30am - Mona Vale Memorial Hall – Meeting Room
  • Tue 19 Feb, 5-7pm - Dee Why, Civic Centre - Banksia

We're also capturing your feedback and comments on our mapping tool.

Comments close Sunday 3 March.

Transport Projects

Over the past year Northern Beaches Council has engaged on a two significant transport projects: Move Northern Beaches Transport Strategy and the Northern Beaches Walking Plan.

The feedback gathered during the engagement on these projects revealed a number of concerns in relation to cycling on the Northern Beaches.

Safe (Off Road) Network

Road Cycling Network

End of Trip


More safe, connected cycleways

Better passing opportunities on road cycling routes

Secure bike parking at transport hubs and major destinations

Distracted drivers create safety issue

Shared paths can be unsafe for both pedestrians and people on bikes in popular areas

Road shoulders and wider lanes on road cycling routes

More bike parking in town and village centres

Aggressive drivers. Need to change mentality.

Need separation from motor vehicles

Remove bicycle lanes from car door zones

Bike parking at bus stops

More consideration for cycling for Council projects

Separated cycleways are preferred

Popular routes need to be safer

Convenient bike parking at destinations

Need “docked” bike share

Roads can be unsafe for cycling

Bus lanes provide good road cycling space

E-bike charging stations at major destinations

Better respect between all road users required

Need safer road crossings

Need fast commuter routes

Public bike pumps and maintenance stands

More cycling events

Existing shared paths need maintenance

Traffic calming on popular routes

More bike parking required at Manly Wharf

More recreational cycling facilities

Remove obstacles (eg. Poles) from existing shared paths

New developments to have better bicycle facilities

Kids bike tracks

Better integration with public transport

E-bikes becoming more popular

Improve directional signage and wayfinding

Cargo bikes becoming more popular

Better connectivity between major centres

Dockless share bikes creating nuisance

Faster commuter routes

Bike riding not an option for everybody

More recreational routes (eg. Narrabeen Lagoon Trail)

More cycleways around schools and shops

Vehicles blocking cycleways

We'll be using this information to inform the development of our Northern Beaches Bike Plan, as well as information provided for this project.

Stakeholder meetings

In preparation for engagement on the Northern Beaches Bike Plan, we have communicated with a number of individuals and stakeholder to understand the needs and priorities of different users.

The feedback gathered from these meetings included:

Cleaning shoulders and paths

Provide incentive to cycle and disincentive for car use

Safe crossings

Better consideration of cycling in Council projects

Increase cycling to school

Dangerous clutter on shared paths

Frenches Forest to Chatswood

Better promotion

Secure bike parking at destinations

Maintenance of paths

Key commuter routes

Lower vehicle speeds

Practical and predictable routes

Better integration with public transport

Separated infrastructure

Priority at intersections

Encourage local trips

Consideration at work zones

Encourage events

Better wayfinding and directions


Better flow on paths

The project manager invites interested community members and stakeholder groups to participate in the conversation, via phone or face to face meetings.

Contact Phillip Gray via email; or phone; 1300 434 434 to discuss the future cycling network.

Previous Bike Plan engagement

In 2015 both former Pittwater and Warringah Council conducted engagement for their respective area's bike plans. Information collected during this period will be considered during the development of the Northern Beaches Bike Plan.

Drop a pin or drop-in

We're hearing great feedback through our mapping tool on what the future safe cycling network could look like, and we are keen to hear more.

Click on the map and drop a pin to comment on:

  • The Safe Cycling Network. Where are paths needed, better road crossings or improvements are required.
  • The Road Cycling Network. Where are the danger areas or where improvements are required.
  • Bicycle parking. Where should parking be added or improved.
  • General Comments. Anything else related to bicycle riding on the Northern Beaches.

  • Drop-in

    Chat with the project manager in person:

  • Sat 16 Feb, 12-2pm - Manly Library - Meeting Room
  • Tue 19 Feb, 9.30-11.30am - Mona Vale Memorial Hall – Meeting Room
  • Tue 19 Feb, 5-7pm - Dee Why, Civic Centre - Banksia Room
  • Comments close Sunday 3 March

    How to get involved

    We're seeking community and stakeholder feedback to help us develop the Northern Beaches Bike Plan.

    There are a number of ways you can participate.

    • online:
      drop your pins on the interactive mapping tool(External link) or
      comment online
    • in person:
      chat with the project manager, via phone
      request a meeting
      come to drop-in

      Sat 16 Feb, 12-2pm - Manly Library - Meeting Room Tue 19 Feb, 9.30-11.30am - Mona Vale Memorial Hall – Meeting Room Tue 19 Feb, 5-7pm - Dee Why, Civc Centre - Banksia Room
    • in writing to Northern Beaches Council, PO Box 82 Manly NSW 1655. Marked "Northern Beaches Bike Plan"

      We'll also be popping-up at commuter and recreational hubs exchanging "Fruit for your thoughts" on how to make our cycling network a safer one.

      Enquiries: Active Travel Officer, Phillip Gray: 1300 434 434 or email:

      Comments close: Sunday 3 March 2019.

      Cycling on the Northern Beaches is a popular activity. The National Cycling Participation Survey (November 2018) states that 40.3% of Northern Beaches residents rode a bicycle in the past year, compared to the 25.4% average across Sydney.

      Most of these cycling trips were for recreation. The statistics above suggest that more of our community would ride a bicycle for transport if the conditions were suitable.

      The recently adopted Move - Northern Beaches Council Transport Strategy (November 2018) identifies expanding our cycling network, improved connectivity and safety to make cycling an attractive alternative to motor vehicle use as key objectives.

      To this end, we are now developing a Northern Beaches Bike Plan that will outline the key actions to achieve the objectives set out in our Transport Strategy.