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Reviewing feedback

What's happening now?

Submissions on the revised draft Brookvale Structure Plan are now closed.

We'd like to thank everyone who made a submission, asked a question, called us or came to see us at the business briefing or community drop-in. We received in excess of 300 submissions via our online form or direct email. We are now in the process of consolidating and reviewing all feedback received in order to make informed decisions and any amendments to the revised draft.

It will take us a little while to complete the review and formalise our Community Engagement Report. Once complete, we will report to Council with the outcomes of engagement and next steps.

The Council Report and the Community Engagement Report will be made available on this page and notified by email to anyone who chose to receive project updates or followed the page.

All comments will be publicly available in the Community Engagement Report.

What do you associate with Brookvale?

A new vision for Brookvale

Nestled in its unique coastal and bushland environment, Brookvale will be a vibrant, accessible and enlivened place. It will fulfil its role as an employment-focused centre, supporting the local economy with opportunities that are proudly diverse, innovative and creative.

The centre will be a liveable and sustainable place supported by activity, public spaces, and community services that embrace parts of Brookvale’s character and unique environmental qualities. A place that will be highly valued by employees, residents and visitors.

The draft Brookvale Structure Plan seeks to deliver:

  • A Town Square close to the B-line that is the civic heart for Brookvale, complete with community infrastructure, office space and residential areas.
  • Revitalised Pittwater Road Corridor with ground-level double-height spaces supporting showrooms, entertainment, night-time economy, and creative maker spaces with residential dwellings above.
  • Strengthening the industrial areas to better meet the needs of evolving industry.
  • Opportunities for local professionals and entrepreneurs to work locally and grow their businesses with high quality office space close to the town centre.
  • Integrate green infrastructure into new development with vertical and roof gardens, along with improvements to green grid corridors, connections, and shared uses.
  • Sustainable built form and infrastructure supported by solutions that reduce resource use.
  • Additional dwellings and building height increases in some areas to provide more diverse housing options and support feasibility for a 5% affordable housing target to support key workers.
  • More streets will be upgraded, planting more trees, and introducing cycleways.

See what's possible - before and after

Learn more

We invited you to learn more about the Brookvale Structure Plan and tell us your thoughts.

We created a few ways for you to do this:

  • Watching a webinar.
  • Reading the draft structure plan in full.
  • Reading the Snapshot and studies that underpin the plan in the 'Document links'.
  • Taking a look at our FAQs, or 'Ask a question'.
  • Calling or emailing us - reference Strategic & Place Planning 4.
  • Chatting with us in February.

Webinar gallery

The two webinars below provide a walkthrough of key elements of the draft plan. Allow 7.45 minutes for the overview of the plan. Allow an additional 7.25 minutes to learn more about the precinct details.

How you had your say

We invited you to have your say by completing the submission form, calling, emailing or writing to us.

Submissions closed 28 February 2023.

Submission form

Recent engagement opportunities

Come chat with us

We invited the community to one of our events to chat about the Brookvale Structure Plan.

The Business Briefing and networking event was open to Brookvale-based businesses and required registration to attend. It was held on Tuesday 7 February from 12:30pm to 2pm.

The Community drop-in session was open to everyone and held on Wednesday 8 February from 4pm to 6pm.

Both events were held at the 4Pines Park Members Bar (formerly Chairman's Lounge), Brookvale Oval.

Online question and answer

We used an online question and answer forum to hear from our community during the first part of the consultation. We received many questions which gave us some great insights and things to think about. The questions and answers are still available on this page for the community to refer to.