Planning for construction

What's being planned?

Clontarf Tidal Pool is the most heavily used tidal enclosure in the Northern Beaches LGA. Popular with Sydney locals and tourists alike, the pool has widespread appeal and excellent accessibility, with adjacent facilities including a large carpark, café, restaurant and playground.

Built in the 1940s, the current structure is at the end of its life and needs to be completely re-built. This represents an opportunity to improve and future proof a popular Council asset.

Council has received grant funding under the NSW State Government Public Spaces Legacy Program for the improved connectivity, inclusivity and accessibility to recreational spaces and activities. The grant recognises the pool as a valuable outdoor space which has many benefits for the community.

What's happening next?

We are finalising environmental planning and approvals required for the project to proceed. A construction tender is expected to be issued during October and we hope to commence work on site after March 2023.

Construction is expected to take three months. Construction timing is subject to material lead times and weather conditions.

The pool will be closed during construction.

Engagement outcomes

Thank you to those who provided feedback during community engagement on the proposed concept plan for Clontarf Tidal Pool. We received 66 submissions during the exhibition period held between Wednesday 3 August 2022 and Wednesday 31 August 2022.

The feedback received during consultation indicated a high level of support for the proposed pool upgrade and recognition of the facility’s heritage significance. Comments included support for the proposed increase in size to the pool area and the choice of construction materials that reflects the current heritage structure.

Some concerns were raised about risks to marine ecology and the impact on traffic and parking once the pool is upgraded.

The full engagement report is available to read by clicking the button below.

Features of the proposal

Features of the proposed design include:

  • Pool enlargement (see the concept plan below) to improve user experience on busy days, cater for population growth and align with other elements in the park Masterplan, including the newly built sandstone bleachers and showers.
  • Increase in width of 3m into the harbour to provide lap swimming in deeper water on lower tides and to reduce the need for costly dredging operations.
  • Increase in length to 64m, providing more protected wading area and shoreline to cater for heavy use periods and future increase in usage.
  • Pool enclosure finishes a minimum 3m from the existing seawall to allow beach rake access into the pool and adjacent beach for cleaning, and also maintains pedestrian access along the beach.
  • Materials and design will be similar to recently constructed pools that have received universal community acclaim.
  • Materials used for construction will provide long-term durability for the sub-structure and maintain the heritage aesthetic of the pool, including timber walers around the pool circumference, the use of HDPE sleeved steel piles and high strength shark netting. The use of more durable materials will result in less maintenance and therefore create less disturbance to the marine environment in the longer term.

Clontarf Tidal Pool will look similar to the upgraded tidal pool at Little Manly.

Concept plan

Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Northern Beaches Council

Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Northern Beaches Council

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