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Supporting public art through fundraising and donations

Northern Beaches Council is the custodian of diverse arts and cultural collections that include artworks, public art, civic ephemera and local history items that have been collected and donated over nearly 100 years. These collections contain unique items that have significance for the artistic, cultural and social history of the Northern Beaches.

The Cultural Collections include sub-collections such as the Manly Art Gallery & Museum Collection, Public Art, the Local Studies Collection, the Community Art Collection and the Civic Collection.

The Cultural Collections Management and Gifts Policy defines the principles and objectives by which the Northern Beaches Council's cultural collections are managed and developed.

Council proposes to amend the Cultural Collections Management and Gifts Policy to improve governance in receiving and managing cash donations and gifts. The main amendment will have public art included as part of the Manly Art Gallery and Museum sub-collection, allowing public art donors to benefit from the gallery’s existing Deductible Gift Recipient Status

The amendment will permit Council to:

  • develop and maintain public art through fundraising and donations, received through the gallery
  • utilise funds raised from public art donations to support the implementation of the Coast Walk Public Art Strategic Plan.

The amended policy also states that, to be considered for the Northern Beaches Cultural Collection, items or works need to be 'whole, complete and finished'.

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