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Improving water quality

Dee Why Beach is a high value area that will gain significant benefits from an upgrade to the existing stormwater infrastructure.

The planned upgrade will improve the stormwater quality discharging into the environment at Dee Why Beach with the installation of a Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) near the existing ocean outfall adjacent to Oaks Avenue, Dee Why.

The proposed GPT will capture pollutants such as cigarette butts, general litter, sediments and organic matter from stormwater runoff before it has a chance to make its way to our ocean.

What is proposed?

The works will include:

  • installing a new GPT structure within Dee Why Beach Reserve to capture pollutants from stormwater runoff
  • constructing a maintenance bay to allow easy access to the GPT for cleaning
  • relocation of the existing drinking water station
  • removing one small Norfolk Island Pine tree
  • planting two new trees to offset the tree removal. One tree will be a Norfolk Island Pine tree planted in a similar location and another tree will be planted at an appropriate location nearby.

We engaged on this proposal between 19 November and 19 December 2021. Comments are now closed and feedback is being reviewed and considered prior to finalising the upgrade plan. The community and stakeholder engagement report will be published on this page early-2022.

The stormwater upgrades are likely to start mid-2022, with works taking place for approximately 12 weeks during the winter months.

GPT diagram and location maps

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