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Continuing to prepare and build for the future

We, like every other NSW Council, are required to undertake long term financial planning with our community on services and facilities. This process is directed by the integrated planning and reporting framework and is informed by plans for finances, assets and the workforce.

The delivery program sets out the work that we propose to undertake over the next four years to address community priorities and needs as outlined in our Community Strategic Plan.

As part of delivery program, we prepare an annual budget that identifies our spending for the financial year. It includes expected income and expenditure for all planned services and infrastructure, as well as, ongoing maintenance and depreciation commitments.

We also revise our Fees and Charges which details our proposed charges for services in 2021/22.

We invite you to watch the webinars, review these documents and provide feedback. There are also FAQs below the submission form if you would like to find out more.

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The delivery program, operational plan and budget will be presented to Council with an accompanying engagement report for endorsement on 22 June 2021.

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