Adopted by Council

Tuesday 27 June 2023

The outcomes of engagement on our Delivery Program 2023-2027, Operational Plan & Budget 2023/24 and Long-Term Financial Plan 2023-2033 were reported to Council on Tuesday 27 June.

The report to Council noted the engagement outcomes, proposed revisions and recommended adoption of the full suite of documents. In its meeting, Council resolved to adopt all documents.

View the Council Report for the Delivery Program 2023-2027, Operational Plan & Budget 2023/24 and Long-Term Financial Plan 2023-2033 (Item 9.1, page 17). The attachments to the report are available here.

View the Council Minutes (Item 9.1, page 16).

Final versions of the adopted documents are available on Council's website at the following pages - Delivery Program 2023-2027 and Operational Plan & Budget 2023/23 and Long-Term Financial Plan 2023-2033.

Engagement history


Our delivery program sets out the work we will do over the next 4 years to address the community priorities as set out in the Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

The operational plan is the first year of the delivery program. This details our 2023/24 budget for all services and infrastructure, ongoing maintenance and depreciation and our fees and charges.

We exhibited the program documents from Friday 21 April to Sunday 21 May.

The community were invited to watch the explanatory videos, view the hotspot map for what's happening in their area and our factsheets to learn more. We also provided links to each individual document on exhibition so they could be read in full and commented on.

We were in the community at 6 pop-ups across the LGA and held an online session for those who chose not to attend in person. We thank the community for providing their feedback.

Watch the explanatory videos

In my area

What's happening in my area

See what's planned in each area. Click on the coloured spots below to jump to the relevant section of the program.

Fact sheets

Fact sheets


Frequently Asked Questions

Engagement timeline

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    21 Apr - 21 May 2023: Drafts on exhibition

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    22 May - 21 Jun 2023: Review submissions

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    27 Jun 2023: Report to Council

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    1 Jul 2023: Delivery program/operational plan commence

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