Outcomes of engagement

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Strengthening our approach

Our Compliance and Enforcement Policy outlines the approach to compliance and enforcement taken by Council and its delegated officers.

This policy is subject to review on a three-yearly basis and has recently been revised to strengthen our approach.

We exhibited this revised policy between 2 June and 9 July 2023 and received 18 submissions. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

Feedback supported the revised Compliance and Enforcement Policy, with suggestions for further amendments on the private certifier role and our risk categorisation approach.

The revised Policy's purpose and scope have now been expanded, including principles guiding Council actions and procedural fairness in investigations.

Those who were not supportive of the Policy felt it would not resolve customers’ concerns where the risk priority is not considered as being high.

You can view the revised policy here and read the outcomes of engagement here.

2023/722023 - revised policy

Next steps

A report outlining the outcomes from engagement and the revised policy will be presented to Council at its meeting on Tuesday 27 February 2024.

  • View the Council Report (Item XX, page XX)
  • View the Attachments Booklet (Item XX, page XX).

You can request to address Council on the item here. The deadline to request is 5pm Monday 23 October.

You can also watch the live stream via the webcast from 6pm.

Engagement history

Council receives approximately 27,000 customer reports on matters relating to public safety, environmental harm, or unauthorised development. Each of these matters are reviewed, investigated, and where necessary, enforcement action is taken.

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy provides an objective, evidence based decision-making framework to guide the most efficient and effective use of Council’s regulatory resources to achieve the best environmental, health and safety outcomes for the community.

The Policy outlines the approach to investigating regulatory and enforcement concerns raised by the community, including the process, factors determining enforcement action, and available options for public safety, environmental harm, or unauthorised development, for all delegated Council employees.

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy is subject to a four yearly review cycle, which is the reason for this review.

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