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Consultation summary

Consultation for this project was carried out between 4 February and 4 march 2021. During that time we received 250 submissions.

The feedback collected indicated a high level of support for the proposed conversion of three car parking spaces in Mona Vale to electric vehicle (EV) charging spaces.

While the majority of respondents supported the proposal, there were several concerns highlighted in the comments including:

  • the placement of a charging bay in Bungan Street
  • 15 minute parking/charging time limit is too short
  • the loss of public parking spaces
  • opposition to having advertising on the charging stations.

Respondents who were not supportive of the proposal felt that public owned land (carparks) should not be used for a commercial enterprise and that Council should not be supporting/subsiding a small minority of EV owners as this disadvantages the majority of motorists.

The results of the consultation and a recommendation will be referred to the Northern Beaches Local Traffic Committee for endorsement if the DA (DA 2021/0001) for digital advertising signage panels on Ausgrid's infrastructure is approved.

Towards a greener Northern Beaches

In line with our Move - Northern Beaches Transport Strategy 2038, we are providing greater support for electric vehicles (EV) by facilitating the introduction of EV charging stations.

Ausgrid and JOLT (a vehicle charging network company) propose to install free 15 minute public EV charging stations in selected locations across the Northern Beaches. The free charging will be funded by paid advertising on Ausgrid's infrastructure (refer DA 2021/0001).

The car parking spaces proposed to be converted are located outside 3 Bungan Street, and two parking spaces in Village Park, Park Street.

Proposed charging bays

Two proposed charging bays in Park Street Carpark.

​One proposed electric vehicle charging bay in Bungan Street

One proposed electric vehicle charging bay in Bungan Street.

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