Adopted by Council

Tuesday 24 August

Enabling a clearer and more equitable approach

The Financial Assistance for Charitable and Not for Profit Community Organisations for Waste Disposal at Kimbriki Policy provides a harmonised framework for Council to deliver financial assistance for waste disposal costs at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre for charitable and not for profit community organisations.

It will guide an equitable, open and orderly process for providing waste disposal assistance to eligible organisations on the Northern Beaches, with clearer eligibility requirements and caps on disposal.

The policy was publicly exhibited between 23 April and 23 May 2021. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

A report was presented at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 24 August 2021 noting the outcome of community engagement and seeking adoption of the policy.

The report recommendations were adopted by exception. Read the Council Minutes for more information.

We are currently putting together a simple instructions fact sheet on how to access the funding which we hope to make available soon.

The adopted policy will come into effect on 1 October 2021.

Consultation history

We sought feedback on the draft policy from the broader community between 23 April and 23 may 2021. During the consultation, we received 19 submissions. Of these, 11 were fully supportive of the draft policy. The main reason was that NFP organisations and community groups would continue to benefit from the financial assistance. Supportive submissions were received from both NFP organisations and Northern Beaches residents.

In addition, three submissions were supportive with comments about the cap on funding for individual organisations, one was neutral and four were not supportive with comments about potential unfair distribution of funding and complexity of applying for the subsidy. These concerns have been addressed in the community engagement report.


The Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre is operated by an independent company. All customers, including Council, charitable and community organisations, must pay the gate (disposal) fees to Kimbriki when disposing waste.

Eligible charitable and community organisations that dispose of their waste at Kimbriki may request financial assistance from Council to pay their disposal fee.

Requests to Council were previously assessed under policies of the former Warringah and former Pittwater Councils. Former Manly Council did not have an equivalent policy.

We developed the draft Policy for Financial Assistance for Charitable or Not for Profit Community Organisations for Waste Disposal at Kimbriki to harmonise these policies and to enable a fairer and more equitable approach across the Northern Beaches.

Comparing the policies

We created the summary table below to show the differences between the former Pittwater and former Warringah Council policies and the new draft harmonised policy for Northern Beaches Council.


Annual Budget Cap

Annual subsidy cap per eligible organisation

Eligible Organisations

Eligibility Criteria

Draft harmonised Policy currently on public exhibition



Organisations that are able to obtain a ‘Community Service Exception’ from the Section 88 Waste Levy

Waste must have been collected within the Northern Beaches Council Area.

Organisation has obtained a NSW EPA ‘Community Service Exemption’ from the Section 88 Waste Levy

Former Warringah Council Policy

No nominated cap, at staff discretion within eligibility criteria and waste budget availability

Within reason and at the discretion of Council staff within eligibility criteria and waste budget

Locally based charities, churches, community/not for profit organisations

Application made in writing on letterhead by the organisation.

Registration as a charity or not for profit

Not to be used for waste generated as a result of commercial activities of the organisation

Former Pittwater Council Policy

Not identified

Not identified – quantity to remain ‘within reason’

Registered Charities and not for profit community organisations

Evidence of current registration as a charity or not for profit

Former Manly Council did not have an equivalent policy

No subsidy

No subsidy

No subsidy so no eligible organisations

No subsidy

so no eligibility

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