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The footpath between the Bayview Sea Scouts Hall and Bayview Baths is a highly utilised foreshore connection that currently provides a poor level of service for the community. The path has been impacted by coastal erosion which has caused it to become uneven in places and difficult to traverse.

We are planning to widen the concrete path and better protect the embankment it sits on from coastal erosion. The existing seawall will be upgraded to modern engineering standards which will protect the widened footpath and Pittwater Road from erosion.

The proposed seawall will be comprised of stepped sandstone blocks and sandstone rock toe protection, which will protect the bank and provide tidal habitat for fauna.

Council will be going to market to seek tenders for a suitable contractor to undertake the works. Construction is expected to occur between April and August 2023.

We invited you to have your say on the detailed design plan by completing the comment form or providing your comments in writing by email or post.

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