New shared path coming soon

Construction commencing 14 Feb

Improving active travel to local schools and businesses

We are proposing an extension of our shared path network through Forest Way, Belrose to help provide a safer and more accessible pedestrian and bicycle route to surrounding schools, shops, businesses. The link also provides an important connection to Bare Creek Bike Path.

Thank you to those who commented on the original proposal. We received a high level of support from a diverse group of respondents who cited the anticipated benefits to pedestrian access, safety and connectivity.

Following consultation, Council's Aboriginal Heritage and Flora and Fauna consultants provided advice on how we can continue to protect significant heritage items located within the Forest Way road boundary.

To help ensure we protect these sensitive items, we have decided to move a section of the shared path to the eastern side of Forest Way, between Garigal Road and Crozier Road .

Although this was not Council's preferred alignment, we value the protection of our local heritage and see this as an opportunity to enhance the future active travel network through Belrose and Terrey Hills.

Relocating this small section of the path will still improve connectivity to the overall area, and provide a formalised connection for future active travel links, particularly when further funding becomes available to improve safety across the Mona Vale Road intersection.

The shared path between Mona Vale Road and Garigal Road will stay on the western side. Further pedestrian crossing improvements will be made at the existing traffic lights which will help path users safely cross the Mona Vale road intersection.

A revised concept plan is available for you to view below.

Tender and construction will proceed in the new year following approval from Council's Traffic Committee. This project will be funded through the Federal Stimulus - School Infrastructure Program

Engagement history

Community and stakeholder engagement was conducted from 23 August to 19 September 2021 seeking comment on a proposal to build a new concrete shared path along the western side of Forest Way in Belrose, between Wyatt Avenue and Mona Vale Road.

We received 271 comments in total with feedback indicated a high level of support (over 88 percent) for the proposed shared path upgrade, citing the anticipated benefits for all path users including large support for active transport routes.

Those not supportive of the proposal raised safety concerns, the need for additional crossings and augmented signage, as well as the noting the impact of tree loss on the environment.

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