Successful first Working Group meeting held

12 months ago
Beautiful freshwater coastal open space

The first meeting of the Freshwater Coastal Open Space Working Group was held at Council on Tuesday 2 May 2017.

Members were there to represent the local community, Friends of Freshwater, Harbord Diggers, Freshwater Surf Club, families with young children and young people.

During a very busy and highly interactive session, the group took the opportunity to meet and get to know each other briefly before completing a review of all comments obtained during Stage 1 of the community engagement. A consolidated list of issues for each of the three areas of the open space was developed, using all the gathered information.

The Working Group then brainstormed ideas that will ultimately shape the future vision for the open space - looking five to 15 years into the future, and beyond.

The next two Working Group meetings will be workshops to discuss concepts for inclusion in the master plan. We'll keep updating this page as we go along so you'll know what's happening.