Planting completed

Greening our streets

Trees improve our environment and quality of life. More trees mean more shade, cooler suburbs and generally nicer places to live, work and play.

The NSW Government's Greening our City grant program supports local councils across Greater Sydney to increase urban greening by increasing tree canopy in our local parks, streets and neighbourhoods.

To help contribute to this target, we have received one of these grants to increase the green canopy (trees and plants) along Condamine Street, Manly Vale.

A survey of the site was completed in late February 2021 to identify the location of underground services before determining where trees could be planted.

Each species has been selected based on:

  • its suitability in an urban environment (next to buildings and busy roads)
  • the overall look and how it visually matches the local area
  • the amount of shading and greenery it provides.

The proposed location and species of planting were places on exhibition from 14 February 2022 to 13 March 2022. We received 215 comments. You can read the full report below.