What is a 'Precinct Structure Plan'?

A Precinct Structure Plan is a study that looks at an area (precinct) and develops a policy framework to guide its future development.  It is not a rezoning document. It is a strategic document, which identifies by words and graphics the best way for an area to be developed, how this should be done and what infrastructure would be required. It is intended to form a clear basis to guide future land use planning decisions, including rezoning of land.

Why is Council preparing a Precinct Structure Plan?

The Precinct Structure Plan is being prepared to guide future development of the area surrounding the Northern Beaches Hospital.  It will identify the most appropriate future land-use mix for the surrounding area, taking into account environmental, social, economic, traffic, transport and accessibility issues. It will also look at integration of the new hospital into the surrounding Frenchs Forest area.   

What opportunities are there to be involved?

There will be a number of opportunities to be involved throughout the project. 

Community input for the initial phase of the project will commence in October 2014.

Community Drop in Sessions
Come along and find out more:
  • Thursday 9 October, from 6 - 8.30pm at Forestville RSL
  • Saturday 18 October, from 2.30 - 5pm at Forestville RSL


What are the timeframes and when will the Plan be finished?

The Precinct Structure Plan will be prepared over a period of 12 months, which commenced in July 2014. The project timeline anticipates that consultation with the community and key stakeholders will occur during the latter part of 2014, with a view to having structure plan options available for comment in early 2015. It is anticipated that the final Precinct Structure Plan will be finished by mid-2015.

How has the Investigation Area and Area of Influence been determined?

The Investigation Area for the Hospital Precinct Structure Plan takes into account local topography, open space networks, proposed road upgrades and the new hospital and includes key facilities such as:

  • Forest High School and Frenchs Forest Public School
  • Forest Way Shopping Centre
  • Forest Business Park and the B7 Business Park zone
  • Warringah Aquatic Centre

It is an area within which the long term objectives of a Specialised Precinct at Frenchs Forest will be tested. 

The investigations undertaken within this area will inform the final boundaries for the Precinct when the final Hospital Precinct Structure Plan is adopted.  Therefore, final boundaries for the Precinct may change relative to the currently identified Investigation Area boundaries. 

An Area of Influence is also being considered beyond the Investigation Area to take account of the wider precinct setting. This has been determined as a 1.5m radius from the intersection of Warringah Road and Wakehurst Parkway and represents a general catchment zone within approximately a 20 minute walk of the centre of the Precinct.

Will my land be rezoned?

The Precinct Structure Plan will not rezone any land. It will make recommendations for possible changes to land uses, but the rezoning process will be a separate process after the Precinct Structure Plan has been prepared and adopted. 

Will my land be resumed/ bought by Council?

Until the Precinct Structure Plan has been prepared it is not known whether there will be the need to identify additional land for future public purposes. If the Precinct Structure Plan was to propose an increase in residential densities, then additional public lands may be  required (e.g. for the provision of public open space).

Will land surrounding the hospital be zoned for high density residential?

One of the main purposes of the Precinct Structure Plan is to determine what changes to land use are required as a result of the new hospital. There will be a need to accommodate more dwellings in the area, but how and where these extra dwellings will be located is a matter that will be considered in the preparation of the Precinct Structure Plan.

Is this the same process that the NSW Government went through in 2011/2012?

No, this is not the same process. In 2011 the NSW Government declared the Frenchs Forest area a State Significant Site and proposed to rezone the area around the hospital site by way of an amendment to a State Environmental Planning Policy. The current process is being undertaken by Council, in collaboration with the NSW Government, with a view to ensuring that future options are developed with the community and widely consulted on before any recommendations are made.

Will the vegetation corridors be maintained?

The major road upgrades proposed by Roads and Maritime Services are likely to result in the removal of some of the roadside vegetation corridors. 

This information would be provided in the Environmental Impact Statement for stage one of the road upgrades which is due to go on display for public comment later this year. The Environmental Impact Statement for stage two of the road upgrades is due to go on display for public comment in early 2015. 

In accordance with an environmental management plan, site clearance has been undertaken on the hospital site ahead of construction in early 2015.

Council’s consultants (Hames Sharley) will consider landscape aspects (including vegetation corridors), as part of the preparation of the Precinct Structure Plan.

Will Council be amending its Local Environmental Plan once the Structure Plan has been finalised?

The Precinct Structure Plan will set the framework for any future changes to zonings. At this stage it is not known whether these changes, if required, will be through an amendment to Council’s Local Environmental Plan or through a change to a State Planning Policy. The most appropriate method to amend the statutory planning controls that apply to the area will be determined once the outcomes of the precinct structure planning process are known.

Previous FAQ's

Is my land included in the study area?

The study area is generally all the residential and business land at Frenchs Forest, which surrounds the new hospital site. It includes the Frenchs Forest Business Park and stretches up to the Forest Way shopping centre, an area of approximately 200 hectares.

If your land is close to the hospital site, then it is likely that your land is included. However, if you are further away, you will not know if you are in the study area until the boundaries for the Precinct Structure Plan have been determined. The consultants will be recommending boundaries for the Precinct Structure Plan, based on their detailed analysis of the area.