Hospital Structure Plan Update - Message from the Administrator

over 1 year ago

Council has been working with residents and other key stakeholders to finalise the Draft Hospital Precinct Structure Plan. This update is to ensure everyone is informed with the latest information available.

Throughout the precinct planning process and review of existing land uses the community has maintained that a new strategic centre in Frenchs Forest needs to be supported by a vibrant urban core. This includes new and/or enhanced educational facilities and an appropriate level of community infrastructure to support any future population growth.

The planning for the area also involves consultation and approval from a number of State Government departments. Ultimately, Council cannot finalise the draft structure plan without their agreement.

Whilst Council has been working continuously with these Departments, we have been unsuccessful in reaching agreement about the best way forward. This is a complex matter and any increase in the density of the precinct has major financial implications for a number of the agencies involved. Without this Council has no choice but to defer the finalisation of the Draft Hospital Precinct Structure Plan and also defer the report that was scheduled to be presented at Council’s next meeting on 27 September.

The State Government Departments have been supportive of Council’s work to date and in particular the review of existing land uses.

It is imperative that both the existing and future population of Frenchs Forest have access to suitable high quality facilities and services.

Council understands this delay impacts upon many local residents and the wider community and we acknowledge these delays are frustrating. However, in good conscience Council cannot put forward a Draft Hospital Precinct Structure Plan that does not provide for an appropriate level of infrastructure for our community and its future.

Residents can be assured that this matter continues to receive the highest priority and we will continue to work to ensure the most appropriate outcome is achieved.

We will continue to update this project page as more information becomes available.

Dick Persson AM, Administrator

Consultation has concluded