Construction works in progress

Project update

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this project.

Comments have been taken into consideration for the final design and construction works have now commenced.

For enquiries you can contact the Stormwater and Floodplain Engineering team on 1300 434 434.


Council is excited to announce the proposed upcoming construction works which will reduce the likelihood of blockage of the Howell Close stormwater system and help improve the conveyance of overland flows in the Crown of Newport Reserve. These works will include:

  • Installation of a new debris management device to improve the collection of debris.
  • Improvements to the current maintenance access way from Howell Close.
  • Additional stormwater inlet structure and landscaping to enhance amenity of the reserve.

About Howell Close

Howell Close is located at the bottom of a very steep, heavily vegetated valley called McMahons Creek. The creek transitions to a pipe, which runs under the Crown of Newport Reserve and eventually discharges at Newport Beach. The overland flow traverses a number of residential properties including those at Howell Close. Due to the large amount of vegetation and steep catchment upstream of the pipe, the pipe has a tendency to get blocked from palm leaves and other debris in the flow resulting in flooding of a number of Howell Close properties.

About the design

The design includes a new debris management device upstream of the pipe to deflect any debris in the flow into an offline collection area. Modifications have also been made to the existing screen to reduce blockage. A formalised three meter wide access way through the reserve will also be constructed to improve maintenance access to the proposed system. The landscaping was designed with a focus on native planting to encourage local native fauna. A new stormwater inlet structure and reshaping of the grassed swale are also proposed adjacent to no. 7 Howell Close to better direct stormwater flows and improve stormwater collection.

Howell Close work area

Plan view

Landscape Plan

Artist impression of landscape

Howell Close before and After