Adopted by Council

Tuesday 24 May

The draft Legislative Compliance Policy was exhibited between 29 March and 1 May and received three submissions.

A report noting the outcomes of engagement and recommending adoption of the policy was presented to the Council and adopted at the meeting on Tuesday 24 May 2022.

View the Council Minutes, Council Report including the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Report from the 'Links' section at the bottom of this page

The adopted policy replaces the previously standing policy.


We reviewed the Legislative Compliance Policy which was originally adopted by Council in May 2019.

The adopted Legislative Compliance Policy includes revisions to reduce duplication, clarification of roles and responsibilities and a re-order of some content to create a more logical flow.

The policy is modelled on that of the NSW Audit Office and international standard AS/ISO 19600:2015 Compliance Management Systems – Guidelines.

Council’s legislative compliance framework includes centrally managed and locally managed activities. Core components include:

  • Legislative Compliance policy, business rules and templates.
  • Core legislative compliance register and subscription service (RelianSys) with attestation function - a register of key compliance obligations (1,501) with responsibilities assigned to each obligation.
  • Regular reporting on legislative compliance obligations and/or exceptions to the Chief Executive Officer and the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee.
  • Six monthly review and attestations to report against centrally managed compliance obligations (through RelianSys).
  • Policy Framework and register (Pulse) – including Northern Beaches Council policies, policy owners and policy review dates.
  • Delegations Policy and register (Pulse) – including scheduled and ad hoc delegation reviews and electronic attestation (via an “acknowledgement function”).
  • Monthly updates circulated to the Executive Leadership Team (all senior managers) containing legislative updates and changes.
  • A mix of central tools and templates.

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