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More time to have your say

Thank you to those who have provided submissions on our Draft Northern Beaches Local Housing Strategy so far.

For those who haven't yet had a chance to review the draft strategy and provide feedback, we have extended the consultation period for two weeks.

Submissions now close on Sunday 7 March 2021.

Homes for all

A local housing strategy outlines how and where housing will be delivered to meet the community's needs now and into the future.

The NSW Government requires all Councils prepare a local housing strategy to address the short-term housing targets identified in the relevant District Plan.

We are pleased to announce that our Draft Northern Beaches Local Housing Strategy has been prepared and is now open for public comment.

The strategy considers population growth trends and change considering household size and mix and lifestyle issues including sustainability and building resilience. It also looks at housing diversity including boarding houses and seniors housing, and social and affordable housing.

We have tried to make consultation as accessible as possible for you. We understand that not everyone will have the time to read the entire strategy in full so we have created a snapshot that will hopefully make it a little easier to learn about the main elements of the strategy.

The full Draft Northern Beaches Local Housing Strategy is available for those who wish to read more.

The buttons and links below will steer you through the different viewing options.

We welcome your feedback. You can make a submission by:

  • completing the submission form below
  • emailing us at council@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au
  • writing to us marked 'Local Housing Strategy' Northern Beaches Council,
    PO Box 82 Manly, NSW 1655.

Our local housing strategy at a glance

The local housing strategy looks at the housing mix in the Northern Beaches today, and plans for the kind of housing, and where it should be located, in the future.

Nearly 290,000 people will live in the Northern Beaches by 2036, an increase of nearly 23,000 people. Our demographic is changing so we need to create a more sustainable mix of housing types across our area to reflect theses changes

The draft strategy proposes a range of opportunities and actions across five priority areas and identifies relevant NSW Government and other agencies who may need to assist to achieve the vision. These include:

  • setting housing supply targets for five years and 6-10 years
  • developing a comprehensive approach to the delivery of social and affordable housing
  • establishing sufficient capacity to accommodate housing demand in and around existing centres
  • planning for boarding houses in appropriate and accessible locations
  • incentivising the provision of seniors housing in the right locations
  • proposing to investigate and support sustainable housing precincts.

A key consideration of the strategy is addressing the current and future shortage of dwellings for social and affordable housing. The gap between this and the total demand for social and affordable housing in 2036 (including the existing unmet demand) should be addressed by other levels of government.

Our contribution will be to at least meet the additional demand for social and affordable housing dwellings (1,880 dwellings) between 2016 and 2036.

Read our draft local housing strategy

We have tried to make this document as easy as possible for you to read and navigate.

Separate links have been provided below to individual sections of the document. Click on each tab to jump straight to your area of interest. You may find it helpful to open your PDF in a two-page format to view some of the figures and tables.

You can also read a two-paged spread of the full strategy by clicking on the blue button below.

Have your say today

Submissions on our draft local housing strategy will help us understand if we are on the right track. We will use your feedback to finalise the final strategy prior to seeking Council endorsement.

We are particularly interested in your views on the proposed Centres Renewal Framework, social and affordable housing target and the mechanisms suggested to achieve it by 2036.

We have included a few specific questions relating to these key areas in the submission form below. You may go straight to the 'submission' field or upload your own document to provide your feedback by clicking next.

We value your time and feedback.

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Planning Our Sustainable Future

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