Approved and implemented

This matter was presented to the Traffic Committee on Tuesday 12 November 2019 and the Left Turn Only restriction was approved as recommended.

That the Traffic Committee supports the:

A. Installation of transverse TB and TB1 Give Way Lines on Maxwell Parade at WarringahRoad, Frenchs Forest, to formalise the intersection.

B. Installation of pavement marking arrow (left turn indicative) on Maxwell Parade, Frenchs Forest.

C. Installation of a Give Way sign (R1-2) on Maxwell Parade, Frenchs Forest.

D. Installation of a Left Only Sign (R2-14L) on a new pole on Maxwell Parade, Frenchs Forest.

Council Report, Item 4.13, pg. 74-86

Council Minutes, Item 4.13, pg. 9

Signs and line marking were installed on 10 February 2020.

Proposed Left Turn Only along Maxwell Parade

We've received a number of concerns from road users regarding traffic volumes and safety at the intersection of Maxwell Parade and Warringah Road Frenchs Forest.

NSW Police have also reviewed the traffic situation and acknowledged the condition of the intersection proposes a risk to pedestrian and motorist safety.

Under s116 of the Roads Act 1993, and following our review of the location, we’re proposing to install a full time Left Turn Only control along Maxwell Parade approaching Warringah Road.

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Submissions closed: Sun 20 Oct