Study in development

Help us better understand flood risks in the area

We are preparing a draft flood study to identify and map the overland flow paths in the catchments that drain into Middle Harbour. This will help with managing the flood risks in this area. The study area comprises parts of Belrose, Davidson, Frenchs Forest, Forestville and Killarney Heights.

Between 11 February 2022 and 27 March 2022, we asked the local community to help us better understand the flood behaviour in the catchment.

We invited you to share your experiences and knowledge of any flooding in the Middle Harbour catchments by completing our online survey. 331 surveys were completed, thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

Council will use this information to identify appropriate management measures for flooding. This includes investigation of drainage upgrades and applying controls on development to minimise the risks of flooding.

The draft study is currently in development and expected to be presented to Council in early 2024 for approval to exhibit.

If you have an enquiry, please email the Floodplain Planning & Response team on or call us on 1300 434 434 (during business hours).

Map of the study area

Map of the study area

Identifying and managing flood risks

Northern Beaches Council is responsible for the identification of flood prone land in the Local Government Area (LGA). We also play a key role in the management of risks to life and property from flooding.

One of our most important activities is to increase our community's awareness of flooding so that people are better able to understand and plan for the flood risks they face.

A flood study aims to:

- define existing flood behaviour (including levels and extents)

- help identify flooding problem areas in the catchment

- assess the impacts of climate change.

Once the draft Middle Harbour Catchments Flood Study has been prepared and put on public exhibition, the community will have the opportunity to discuss the results with Council Staff and the engineering consultants undertaking the study.