Construction completed

Engagement outcome

We received 47 comments during the engagement period between Tuesday 3 November to Tuesday 1 December 2020.

The feedback revealed extensive support for the proposed shared path along Barrenjoey Road in Mona Vale. Many respondents believe it would increase pedestrian and cyclist safety, while a few others were concerned about potential pedestrian/cyclist conflicts.

The key themes that emerged from the consultation included:

  • extending the shared path further north along Barrenjoey Road
  • other locations where a shared path is required
  • the need for cycling rules signage
  • landscaping.

A small number of respondents felt the existing footpath is adequate and a new shared path is not necessary. There were also some general comments that felt that shared paths were not safe, preferring segregated paths for pedestrian and cyclist safety.

View the Community Engagement Report.

The detailed design has now been approved by the Northern Beaches Traffic Committee and we are in the process of engaging a contractor to construct the shared path by May 2021.

What's proposed?

We are planning to construct a shared path which will provide an improved walking and safe cycling connection north of Mona Vale Town Centre and B-Line Interchange. The 620m stretch of shared path would run from Park Street Mona Vale, north along the western side of Barrenjoey Road to Basset Street.

Shared paths provide wider and safer walking and cycling routes for everyone as well improved accessibility for prams, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Funding for this project has been made available through the Transport for NSW Active Transport 2020/21 grant funding program and forms part of Transport for NSW’s Principal Bicycle Network and Council’s Regional Cycling Route linking Mona Vale to Avalon.

Concept plan

Project manager

Name Phillip Gray, Transport Project Officer
Phone 1300 434 434
In writing

marked 'Shared path extensions - Mona Vale', PO Box 82, Manly 1655