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Engagement summary

The key themes that emerged from the consultation between 6 November and 3 December 2020 included:

  • change in time restrictions
  • future electric vehicle parking/charging spaces
  • motorbike versus accessible spaces.

Generally, the removal of the Council staff parking and increasing the number of general use spaces was considered a positive change in the comments.

In response to feedback, Council will amend the current plan to have 2 hour (2P) parking in the centre spaces and 3 hour (3P) along the edges of the carpark to allow people more time to attend activities in the Memorial Hall, shop, go to restaurants or socialise.

There were mixed feelings about the future electric vehicle (EV) parking/charging stations. Some responders felt that all parking spots should be for general use, while a few comments were supportive of being environmentally conscious and believing it would encourage EV purchases in the future.

For the immediate future the proposed EV spaces will remain as public car spaces. A separate community engagement will be undertaken in the future to consider these spaces. The proposed spaces would include charging points.

What's proposed?

Mona Vale is a Strategic Centre and car parking is in high demand every day of the week.

The Village Park carpark, on the corner of Park Street and Pittwater Road, has 38 car parking spaces, 14 of which are currently reserved on weekdays for vehicles displaying a special Council issued parking permit.

We’re proposing to:

  • change ten of the permit spaces to parking for the community, increasing the number of general parking spaces Monday to Friday
  • change the parking restrictions in the carpark to 2P everyday between 7am – 7pm
  • provide seven dedicated motorcycle spaces
  • provide two electric vehicle parking spaces (proposed 2021).

Four dedicated parking permit spaces will remain for Council vehicles that require parking in this carpark for business operation purposes.

Proposed changes to carpark

Mona Vale Village Carpark


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