Project not proceeding

Naming not supported

Project update - November 2023

A report outlining the engagement outcomes was presented to Council at the meeting on Tuesday 13 December 2022, recommending that the Geographical Names Board of NSW be informed that Council does not support the proposal to rename the three geographical features.

View the Council Minutes (Item 13.2, page 22).

The Geographical Names Board of NSW have also confirmed their consultation demonstrated a lack of support for the George Caley names.

We have decided not to proceed with this project.

Engagement background

Between 1 October and 14 November 2021, we asked for your feedback on the proposal to rename three geographical features, referred to or named by naturalist George Caley in 1805. We received 472 submissions during the public exhibition - thank you for your feedback.

The majority of submissions did not support the naming proposals, largely indicating a preference for Aboriginal names.

What was proposed?

We proposed to to rename three geographical features, referred to or named by naturalist George Caley in his journal, An Account of a Journey to the Sea, in 1805.

Naturalist and explorer George Caley collected plant specimens for Joseph Banks in the colony of New South Wales from 1800 to 1810. Caley’s journey in 1805 from Pennant Hills to Narrabeen is documented in his journal.

On his journey of exploration, Caley unofficially named or referred to eight geographic features within the Northern Beaches Local Government Area. These are identified on the map below.

The Geographical Names Board (GNB) submitted a naming proposal to Council for eight geographical features in the Northern Beaches Local Government Area on behalf of a local resident. However, only three of these features are located on land under Council’s care, control, and management.

The proposed names of Sea Sight Reserve, Caley Falls and Thick Brush Reserve have been reviewed against Council’s Naming our Reserves, Facility and Roads Policy and are appropriate for consideration.

The remaining five features are on land not managed by Council.

George Caley expedition 1805

To progress the proposal it was split into two sections:

1. Proposals where Council has care, control and management of the land

We will follow the adopted Naming our Reserves, Facilities and Roads Policy, which includes conducting community consultation prior to determination.

The three areas proposed to be renamed are:

  • Belrose Reservoir - to be renamed as Sea Sight Reserve, as referred to by Caley in his journal. The reserve covers the publicly accessible part of the hill (Sea Sight Hill) which Caley named on this journey.
  • Oxford Falls Cascades - to be renamed Caley Falls, as referenced by Caley's observation of Oxford Falls Valley.
  • Middle Creek 2 Reserve (unofficial name) adjacent to Wakehurst Parkway - to be renamed Thick Brush Reserve.

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2. Proposals where the geographical feature is within the Local Government Area, but not under Council’s care, control and management

The GNB will be required to conduct their own engagement with property owners and community of the remaining five features:

  • Southern Sister
  • Northern Sister
  • Thick Brush Hill
  • Sea Sight Hill
  • Saw the Sea Hill

Geographical features proposed to be renamed

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