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The Newport Village Commercial Centre Masterplan was developed and adopted by the former Pittwater Council in 2007.

The masterplan focused on the commercial core along Barrenjoey Road and included side streets, including the existing, and likely future, character of Foamcrest Avenue. As part of the masterplan study, Council investigated the linkages between the commercial centre and the oceanfront areas to identify strategies to strengthen the relationship between the village, beach and community centre.

We have received concerns from some members of our community that recent Development Applications (DAs) lodged for areas in and around Robertson Road are not in line with the vision and outcomes of the Masterplan. Specifically, in relation to a dedicated pedestrian plaza in Robertson Road.

A Mayoral Minute was endorsed at the Council Meeting held 23 March 2021 which requested staff organise a community meeting with local residents and property owners to discuss how we can best deliver developments that reflect the community’s vision as outlined in the Masterplan. See the full Council resolution here.

Details of the meeting

An online session was held on Wednesday 28 July 2021 and independently facilitated by Elton Consulting.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

We have consolidated some background information on the masterplan process in the section below.

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Development of the Masterplan

Consultants (HBO + EMTB Urban Landscape and Design) were engaged in late 2006 to prepare the Newport Village Commercial Centre Masterplan.

The masterplan encompasses both private and public land and provides a framework to enhance the amenity and design quality of the Village, and to support social, economic and cultural activities.

The masterplan was prepared over several months, during which time the consultant worked closely with Council and the community to identify constraints and opportunities, and capture local ideas. The development of the masterplan was strongly grounded in community and stakeholder engagement with a diverse range of community consultation activities undertaken.

Community Engagement

Community consultation undertaken during the development of the masterplan included:

Online and mailed survey: A survey was distributed to landowners, relevant government departments and agencies, community groups and interested people.

Stakeholder workshop: 60 people attended a community workshop which took place at Newport Primary School on 8 March 2007.

Focus group workshops: Two workshops were held in mid-2007 with self-nominated community representatives to review and consider the draft design principles and concepts prepared for the Newport Village

Community meeting: Held to present elements of the draft masterplan. Over 90 people attended.

Public exhibition: The draft masterplan was publicly exhibited between September and October 2007.

There was a high level of participation through all engagement activities, and considerable thought put into the responses and comments received. Views were diverse with a wide range of views on the strategies needed for the area.

Pittwater Council endorsed and adopted the Masterplan at its meeting of the 5 November 2007.

Outcomes specific to Robertson Road

Vision for Newport Village is describe in the masterplan as becoming a place:

  • of connecting with community – with a pace that’s relaxed and welcoming
  • to stop, linger and enjoy – where you know you’re by the sea
  • with everything: home, work, shopping, art and culture, recreation, relaxation – lively during the day and comfortable at night
  • for walking and talking, sitting and chatting
  • for sandy feet – and fine dining.

A key part of the masterplan was the proposed changes to Robertson Road. The masterplan outlined a strategy for Robertson Road to provide more space, better pedestrian safety and greater flexibility for public events.

Robertson Road was not identified as a designated plaza in the masterplan.

Key facts on Robertson Road

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