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We are committed to supporting threatened species in our local area by piloting Sydney's first artificial nesting platform in Avalon Beach. The Eastern Osprey (Pandion cristatus) is a threatened native bird of prey which occurs within coastal environments, estuaries and waterways across eastern Australia. A key threat to the species is urban development, which has contributed to a significant loss of suitable nesting habitat (tall trees close to aquatic environments) across its range.

Ospreys have successfully taken up artificial nesting platforms at numerous other locations in northern NSW, South-east Queensland and South Australia. However, to date an artificial nesting platform designed for osprey has not been attempted within the Greater Sydney Region. We are proposing to take the lead and be the first Sydney Council to install artificial nesting habitat for osprey and monitor its success.

This project is being supported by NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment & Water (DCCEEW) and it is hoped that we can commence installation of the 23 metre high pole (installed height) with a specialised artificial nesting basket at the top within Hitchcock Park, once feedback from engagement has been considered and to align with osprey breeding season.

An environmental assessment for the proposed project has been undertaken in accordance with Part 5 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) and is available upon request.

View the proposed location and images of what the nest will look like

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